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Racist, Fascist & Zionist Facebook pages hacked by TeaMp0isoN & ZHC

DanJourn | 01.01.2011 14:01 | Anti-racism | Palestine | Technology | Birmingham

A Few hours before the start of 2011, TeaMp0isN & ZHC announced that they were going to do a "Mass Clean-up" on Facebook, a few hours after the announcement, 100s of Facebook pages were hacked

A Few hours before the start of 2011, TeaMp0isN & ZHC announced that they were going to do a "Mass Clean-up" on Facebook, a few hours after the announcement, 100s of Facebook pages were hacked, the first page affected was the English Defence League Chat, the hackers then went onto hacking 1000s of racist, fascist, Zionist & anti-Islamic pages, including the Official White House, Liberal Democrats and several celebrity fan pages.

Overall 1000+ Facebook pages were affected within 2hours, a list of all the affected pages has been posted on the ZHC Facebook wall, it is not known how the hackers managed to hack all these pages but i highly doubt they hacked into each and every admin, they may have found bug in Facebook.

The two hacking groups involved are well known for hactivism, a TeMp0isoN member known as "TriCk aka' saywhat?" managed to hack the English Defence League several times in 2010, they have also hacked Manmohan Singh (Indian Prime-Minister) and several Indian politician websites, including Rahul Gandhi, ZHC (ZCompany Hacking Crew) has hacked 100s of anti-Islamic websites in the past and have been involved in a cyber-war with Indian, the hackers seem to be pro-Palestinian and pro-Kashmiri.

2011 a year of cyber-war for the far-right, racist, Zionist organisations?



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Most of the pages are just stupid ones

03.01.2011 01:25

Like fake celebrities and stuff.

Not even hacked, just an open administrator.

Bunch of fucktards trying to make themselves look like big men


yep big guys

03.01.2011 03:40

They spent the last year taking advantage of a couple of well known apache exploits spoiling random sites. now amongst others they remove the freedom of speech from the oppressed, including pages fighting for the release of 2 women, one faced with death by stoning for adultery the other hanging for blasphemy. Dirty scumbags hiding behind their keyboards, didn’t think an educated person could go so low.


not quite suxnet was it?

03.01.2011 06:31

giving script kiddies a bad name


good job ZHC & TeaMp0isoN

07.01.2011 19:38

@Whitehat; what do u mean giving script kiddies a bad name? these guys are not script kiddies at all, they a very known hacktivists.

good job guys! you have my respect.
- w0rm



08.01.2011 00:47

nah, that’s what they are, as 7251 says, they spent a year using the same old apache exploit on hundreds of random sites. and what sort of "hackivist" gets off trashing a protest page (run by muslims) trying to save a girl about to be stoned to death, that sounds more like evil scumbag to me. Poor admin running the group is still convinced the iranian regime is after her, and that was from them, I tried to tell her it was just random vandalism by idiots, but she won’t have it, poor thing.



08.01.2011 06:00

Wait, what? her irrational paranoia that the iranian ragiem are after her is this hacker group's fault? Alright, because that makes sense...

W0rm has the right idea.

Hacktivists of the Internet unite.

D1gital C0mmando C0llective


is murdering cartoonists ok?

08.01.2011 18:03

I can’t see what’s admirable about removing anyone’s freedom of speech, that’s a pretty poor thing to be proud of.
If they took on a government or military network that would be activism, I’d say the EDL were pretty fair game too, I am sure they would reciprocate if they had the skills. Where do you stop, is murdering cartoonists ok?
I did not blame them for her paranoia, but really they didn’t help by trashing such a worthy causes protest group, only a sadist would want to see anyone stoned to death.



09.01.2011 04:55

They hacked them pages because they were either zionist, rasict, and fasict.
if you go look at that page with the iranian girl it has no admin and is spammed with rasicm, ZHC and TeaMp0isoN are known for many other hacks, not just for the recent EDL & BNP hacks done by triCk.
They have hacked 1000s of indian sites protesting against the kashmir occupation and isralie government sites protesting against the gaza seige, TeaMp0isoN has also hacked United Nations Russia forums too. ! ! !

true hactivism

+1 to the hackers, keep it up!




09.01.2011 20:55

Hey W0rm, you make some good points and it's nice to see another "security" guy on here, not enough of us in the movement it seems, get in contact.

mail e-mail:


10.01.2011 04:32

you lie, plenty of admin there.!/savesakineh
its a well kept support group, i repeat ony a sadist would trash this.
maybe pages not going along with sharia law were also on the hit list?