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Three BP petrol stations shutdown in Birmingham

Birmingham IMC | 25.02.2011 12:36 | Birmingham

16th February 2011
Earth First! writes:
Today three BP petrol stations in the Quinton, Longbridge and Selly Park areas of Birmingham were shutdown.

The action was taken in response to BP's involvement in the Canadian Tar Sands, the role it played in the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and more recently the joint venture with Russian energy firm Rosneft to exploit potentially huge deposits of oil and gas in Russia's Arctic shelf. The deal will result in the exploration of 125,000 square kilometers in three areas known as EPNZ 1, 2 and 3 located on the Russian Arctic continental shelf in the South Kara Sea. The deal will also see an Arctic technology center established in Russia which will develop technologies and engineering practices to make Arctic oil extraction easier. [1]

The pumps were all shut off after the safety switches were pushed up into the off position and a metal rod then inserted into the switch handle which was used to wrench it off, making it difficult to switch back on again. The doors were sprayed with the words "Climate Criminals"

One activist said "BP cannot be allowed to continue to destroy our planet for corporate greed. We will continue to fight back against them, and all other corporations that put profit before planet and people"


Birmingham IMC