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Guerilla Garden day

Birmingham Social Centre | 24.07.2011 14:13 | Free Spaces | Birmingham

Share this and spread the word, this project can only work with your participation.

We are determined not just to turn the wasted spaces inside the Whitmarley into productive and transformative spaces, but also the spaces around the Whitmarley.
Next to the factory is this abandoned car park…

Dead space to be transformed next Saturday, with your help!
Dead space to be transformed next Saturday, with your help!

Next Saturday the 30th of July, in one days work which you all are invited to attend, we will transform this dead lump of concrete into a living space.

If you don’t have any garderning skills, don’t worry as there will be expert gardeners along teaching as we go along. If you do have skills, great! Come along and share and let us know what you’re good at so we can let you take a lead.

The idea is for the garden/allotment to be permantly open for whoevever wants to take part or just have a nice place to sit down.

We are also building a large composter for Ivy Road to start generating its own good soil to grow even more goodness!

The more hands the merrier, the Guerilla Garden day starts at 10am on Saturday the 30th of July.

Please bring; yourself, your friends, whatever tools you have, whatever compost you have to spare and share… aswell seeds, plants and a packed lunch.

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