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A Secret Iraq-Iran-Turkey deal to continue bombing and shelling Kurdistan region

Kawah | 05.09.2011 10:16 | Anti-militarism | Iraq | Terror War | Birmingham | World

Recent bombing of the Iraq-Iran and Iraq-Turkey border areas have displaced hundreds and killed dozens. It has also led one MP to suggest that Iraq, Iran and Turkey have a secret ‘gentleman’s agreement’ allowing illegal, cross border incursions

Bombing and shelling Kurdistan villages
Bombing and shelling Kurdistan villages

brutality of criminal war machine
brutality of criminal war machine

Stop killing innocent Kurdish people !

Bombing and shelling Kurdistan villages by Turkey-Iran brutal military troops, is an barbaric act against basic human right.
Brutality of criminal war machine must be ended now, otherwise causes more
horrific consequences on innocent Kurdish people as well as environmental disaster to the region.

The shelling of Kurdistan region is not uncommon; it happens fairly regularly. And each of the four governments has a vested interest in tacitly allowing cross-border incursions.

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