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Lib Dem Conference - Convergence and Crash Spaces

The Birmingham Social Centre | 13.09.2011 11:55 | Education | Free Spaces | Health | Birmingham

The national campaign against fees and cuts is organising convergence (and crash) space for anti-Lib Dem conference action which has already been reclaimed. The Birmingham Social Centre is ready to be a base for the start of another autumn of anti-austerity direct action by students and workers.

The Lib Dems betrayed a entire generation don't let them get away with it take direct action at the Lib Dem conference.

Between the 15th -21st of September the social centre will be open providing.

A base for affinity group action, if you want to come and take action at
the liberal democrat conference around the TUC organised national demo on the 18th. Come down to the occupied convergence space on the 16th of September, where you can meet likeminded activists and get direct
action training and legal support from NCAFC activists.

Food and accommodation, come to space bring a sleeping bag, don’t worry if you don’t have money we will keep you feed and give you a roof for the duration of the conference.

Training and workshops

On Saturday the 18th the day before the TUC march, a number of sessions will take place, with skill sets aimed to help activists attending the march go back to their campuses with the ability to organise strong campaigns.

Timetable for Saturday 18th

Room 1:Organising occupations and direct action
Room 2: Where is HE going? Understanding the White Paper

17:30: Dinner

Room 1 How to build and sustain an anti-cuts group
Room 2: How to win a student election

19:30 Public debate, what next for the student movement?
The location is the Birmingham Social centre.

Directions can be found here at

The Birmingham Social Centre
- e-mail:
- Homepage:


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Go for it !!!!

14.09.2011 00:08

Brilliant work