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Please help to promote the W. Mids Vegan Festival

Midlands Vegan Campaigns | 29.09.2011 02:10 | Animal Liberation | Climate Chaos | Health | Birmingham

This year's West Midlands Vegan Festival on Saturday 29th October will be bigger and better than ever, but we need your help to spread the word. Please help by distributing leaflets, displaying posters, online promotion and invite all your friends, via Facebook etc!

Please display a web banner
Please display a web banner

Please distribute leaflets & display posters
Please distribute leaflets & display posters

Do you visit a health food shop, gym, library, church, community room, cafe, college or anywhere else that you could leave some festival leaflets? We have printed 20,000 and we want to get them out across the Midlands & beyond! We also have 1,000 A4 posters. If you can distribute some in your area, please tell us how many you can use & your address and we'll post some to you. You can view and download the leaflet here

Also, if you have a blog, MySpace, website etc, we would really appreciate a link to our website. Please use this url Perhaps you could even add a web banner to your site! See our banners in various sizes here

Finally, please help to spread the word by sending an invite to all your friends! Don't assume they won't attend because they're currently a meat eater! Last year, half of the 1,500 visitors were non-vegans, many of them meat eaters. So please invite all your friends - lets show them all the delicious benefits of vegan living!!

Keep an eye on the website (and Facebook & Twitter) for the latest event updates!

Thanks for your help promoting the festival.

Best wishes,

Midlands Vegan Campaigns
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