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MI5 recruiting telephone spies in West Midlands

CCTV | 11.10.2011 11:20 | Policing | Technology | Terror War | Birmingham

MI5 will be eavesdropping on the telephone conversations of Arabic speaking people in the West Midlands during the Olympics

MI5 are recruiting people who can speak Arabic languages for the purpose of listening in on telephone calls in the West Midlands to identify terrorists. According to their website there will be a lot of eavesdropping / bugging of peoples phones during the Olympics. The eavesdropping / spying will be on people who speak the following languages:
• Arabic: Yemeni, Algerian, Lebanese, Syrian, Libyan, Kuwaiti, Iraqi
• Bengali/Sylheti
• Pakistani Punjabi with Pothwari
• Somali
• Kurdish Sorani.



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