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Call Out: OpposeThe EDL In Birmingham 29th Oct

Brum AntiFa | 20.10.2011 16:04 | Occupy Everywhere | Anti-racism | Birmingham

The EDL are to hold a demo in Victoria square, Birmingham on 29th October 12:00 - 18:00. Victoria Square is also the location of the Occupy Birmingham protest camp which could become a target for the EDL. This is a call out for people to come to Victoria Square on the 29th and defend the Occupy Birmingham camp and defend the city from the EDL.

The Islamophobic & Racist Organisation The English Defence League Are Organising An Anti-Islam Demonstration In Birmingham On Saturday 29th October 2011, When The EDL Hold Their Demonstrations In Cities & Towns Across The Country It Ends Up In Mosques Being Vandalised & Innocent Muslims Including Women & Children Being Physically & Verbally Attacked, This Is Why Its Very Important For Everyone To Come & Protect The City From The... Islamophobes & Racists.

The EDL have been to Birmingham 3 times previously & have failed miserably all 3 times by getting run out of the city, it has took the EDL over 2 years to muster up some confidence to come back to Birmingham, lets make sure it ends in failure for the EDL again.

Brum AntiFa


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Correction - wrong info!

21.10.2011 17:23

QUOTE: "Once again wild accusations are thrown around about EDL. This Indymedia post is no different. We are going to B’ham on the 29th to attack the Occupy Birmingham anti-bankers Protest Camp, vandalise Mosques and assault Muslims.
I would guess that the majority of EDL’ers are anti-bankers and anti EU and will give the protest camp their support. As for the Mosques and Muslims I would say that this looks like an attempt to wind-up Muslim youth to go on the rampage.
It ‘Calls Out to people to oppose EDL, defend the city and run them out of the city once again’
The overall tone of the posting is a clear an incitement to violence. Once again EDL opponents are ramping-up the tension in order to incite a disorderly and violent day on October 29."



Inflaming the situation.

24.10.2011 17:01

Surely talking of attacks on mosques etc will only inflame people to violence and will add to the cost of policing.
Dodgy path to go down.