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University of Birmingham Occupied!

Defend Birmingham | 02.11.2011 23:44 | Education | Public sector cuts | Social Struggles | Birmingham

We have just marched into University of Birmingham Corporate Conference Centre. Our actions are not disrupting education or learning but rather those working to destroy public education in the interests of private profit.

Our aim was and still is to advance a set of demands centred on justice in education and educational institutions. We want people to be treated as human beings and the university to be run for public good, not as a business.

Students and academics are now together in the conference centre, debating a statement which will be published shortly. Our points will be published live on our blog1 as we make them, please feel free to talk to us and take part in our discussion.

this action is part of building momentum for the national movement, in less than a week thousands of students will converge on central London to fightback, make sure you join them on november 9th

Defend Birmingham
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The end of the occupation

02.11.2011 23:46

We have spent the afternoon using the space, usually used to decide the selling off of UK higher education. We have, democratically, stated our alternative and we are now leaving, as we have achieved everything we had planned to achieve . This is just the beginning: we will be back.

Defend Birmingham
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