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NCAFC Conference 10-11 December

NCAFC | 18.11.2011 23:12 | Education | Public sector cuts | Social Struggles | Birmingham

Where next for the student fightback?

National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts conference
Time: 10 December at 11:30 - 11 December at 16:00
Location Birmingham (venue tbc)

Facebook event:

The ten thousand students who demonstrated on 9 November showed that the struggles of last year produced a big layer of activists who want to keep organising and fighting back. Despite massive police intimidation, despite only token support from NUS, despite a lukewarm or hostile response from many student unions, the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts was able to mobilise an impressive protest.

That was possible because the NCAFC is the only genuinely broad, open network of anti-cuts groups and activists in the student movement, with a wide base of support and democratic structures not dominated by one political group or faction.

The NCAFC is holding a conference on 10 and 11 December in Birmingham to discuss the next steps for the student fightback. It will be a working conference with discussion and votes on policy, elections for our national committee and liberation caucuses, as well a wide variety of workshops, training and political discussions.

A month after the national student demo and less than two weeks after three million public sector workers strike against cuts, there could not be a better time to hold this conference. Use it to make the NCAFC yours! Come and bring a delegation from your university, school or college, from your anticuts group, student union or trade union branch. You can register (and find out more) by emailing or ringing 07775 763 750.

Full agenda/timetable and more details soon.

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