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Northgate occupation ends, New Occupation Tomorrow

Defend Birmingham | 25.11.2011 02:38 | Occupy Everywhere | Education | Public sector cuts | Repression | Birmingham

The occupation of Northgate house ends but the occupation of a new location begins tomorrow

We left the occupation at 9pm due to the university getting an immediate interim possession order against us in the High Court in London. They must have spent tens of thousands of pounds to get that through such a high court so quickly, that kind of thing usually takes several days. However thanks to some brilliant diversion maneuvers from the 30 or so solidarity campers outside and some very inept security guards all the occupiers managed to get out of the occupation and leg it without security catching a single one (they tried to get photos of all of us and get our IDs). Special thanks to the mystery getaway driver who got four of the occupiers jumping out of a window into their car and drove off within seconds, security had no idea what was happening before it was too late.

There’s going to be another occupation tomorrow. Everyone who wants to be involved meet at 9:30 tomorrow morning outside the North Gate (don’t be late!) and be prepared to run run run!!!

Defend Birmingham
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