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Birmingham students occupy corridor outside VC office in response to injunction

Defend Education | 09.12.2011 12:10 | Education | Public sector cuts | Repression | Birmingham

The following is a statement of response to Occupy Birmingham’s press release in support for protesting Birmingham University Students.

We all have a duty to protect freedom of speech. On university campuses, which are meant to be bastions of debate and free speech, we have this duty doubly so.

This why today, in protest of the disciplinary against Simon Furse, for his participation in the occupation on November 23rd and the university taking out an injunction banning protests on campus for 12 months. We have occupied the corridor outside the Vice Chancellor David Eastwood’s office.

The new marketed education system doesn’t care about free speech. Universities are acting more and more like private companies…They are bally like News Corp and covering up fraudulent practices like banks like RBS or companies like Enron.

In this situation we have no other option other than to STRIKE, OCCUPY, RESIST.

Defend Education


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  1. time and place — Think it through
  2. Occupation was yesterday — lynx