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Six Restaurants Drop Foie Gras as MARN Campaign Kicks Off

Midlands Animal Rights Network (MARN) | 23.12.2011 17:42 | Animal Liberation | Birmingham

Foie gras is a product of extreme animal cruelty, produced by caging birds and forcing large amounts of grain into their stomachs.

This week the Midlands Animal Rights Network (MARN) have kicked off a campaign to rid the region of foie gras.

Ducks and geese on foie gras farms are caged, unable to spread their winds nor have access to water. On a daily basis huge amounts of grain are pumped into their stomachs via pipes - this in turn creates a diseases liver sold as this sick 'delicacy'.

In the past three days six restaurants, hotels and deli's across the Midlands have agreed to stop selling and serving this barbaric product.

* The Talbot Hotel - Northants
* Brandon Hall Hotel – Coventry
* Launays Restaurant – Mansfield
* French Living – Nottingham
* Winster Foods – Chesterfield
* The Royal Oak - Northants

The campaign wages on as part of a national concerted effort to rid the nation of foie gras. Get up, get active and get involved!

Midlands Animal Rights Network (MARN)
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