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Occupy Christmas

Occupy Christmas | 27.12.2011 01:16 | Occupy Everywhere | Free Spaces | Globalisation | Social Struggles | Birmingham

The festive season did not pass unnoticed at the camp, with a well attended General Assembly on Christmas Eve followed by a lunch on Christmas Day shared freely among anyone who happened by.

Regular Occupier, Symon explained:

“Christmas Day was the high point of the occupation so far for me and others at camp, morale on camp is at an all time high. Members of the community, as well as residents and campers combined efforts to provide a variety of food, welcome to all.”

The camp put on a Christmas lunch to feed anyone who was hungry and also had warm cloths on hand to give out to the homeless. Members of Food Not Bombs supported the meal by supplying vegan food.

According to Occupier Karl Lewis:

“We’ve been out spreading the word that the camp will be open [over Christmas] and we have invited people to join us. We are going to use supplies the Quakers have given us, and other supporters like Food Not Bombs.

"It's probably not going to be what you’d call a traditional Christmas dinner when you are with your family, but this is about being with friends and people who are as good as.”

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