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Budget Day Protest Council House Birmingham

Stalingrad O'Neill | 22.03.2012 10:31 | Analysis | Public sector cuts | Workers' Movements | Birmingham

Union Grandee's sabotage success

PCS members will not be going on strike next week, after executive members yesterday voted instead to build for a co-ordinated national strike in April

The PCS union's national executive said it would back the March 28th strikes by teachers and lecturers by offering solidarity and practical support, but it would not be joining them in taking industrial action.

Hundreds of thousands of trade union members who have waited for the Union Grandee's to take the lead have been shown once again their optimism has been misplaced! Waiting for our unimaginative, uninspired and impotent Union leaders to mobilise would test the very patience of Job himself …."Why do the righteous suffer?"!

Next week two of Spain’s biggest unions will bring out millions of workers in an attempt to stop the attacks being made on the Spanish workers. The Huelga General (General Strike) will take place on March 29,
Contrast that with our lame brained TUC leaders whose procrastination since November has finally and completely succeeded at sabotaging the unity of their own member’s proposed March strike action

So as George Osbourne mugs your granny in an effort to protect his crony’s class interests, its time that the British labour movement learnt how to act to protect theirs!.

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