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Birmingham Free University

Birmingham Free University | 27.03.2012 18:01 | Education | Birmingham

We are a newly created group seeking to build and participate in more democratic educational processes;
Our aim is to work together towards higher education experiences that are not consumerist, indebting, authoritarian or judging of individual worth;

We therefore seek to work collectively against the principles that now shape the so-called public university;
Central to the educational experiences we want to create is the idea that students and teachers have much to learn from one another;
Thus all who participate in the Birmingham Free University are scholars: student-scholars and teacher-scholars;

On our courses learning and teaching entail processes of continuous negotiation to ensure the fullest participation of all, recognising, respecting and celebrating human diversity;
All learning and teaching will be critical—questioning the world as it is to explore how it could be otherwise;
We believe that in order for all learning and teaching to be critical and democratic, dialogue is essential.
All critical, democratic dialogue amongst student-scholars and teacher -scholars should, when possible, not just remain in the classroom;
Thus our ultimate classroom is the wider world; we seek to develop educational processes aiming to build a more socially just and sustainable world.

Birmingham Free University
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