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BERN BABY BERN fundraiser for Birmingham Eviction Resistance Network

BERN | 11.06.2012 21:58 | Free Spaces | Public sector cuts | Social Struggles | Birmingham

Thursday, 28 June 2012, 20:30

Come along to Ort for a raucous evening of food music and fun to raise money for Birmingham Eviction Resistance Network.

The Mistakings will be playing, along with Leander Jones, Johnny Kowalski and Tim Martin aka @dogcatchicken, with DJ extraodinaire Will Itsasecret bringing the night to a climactic end. A delicious vegetarian curry will be being sold for £2.50

Donation on the door

B.E.R.N. is a network of people who stand in solidarity with tenants, travellers, homeless people and squatters who face eviction from their homes.

We believe that in a city like Birmingham there should be no homelessness while there are more than enough houses for everyone, that empty spaces should be used creatively instead of wasted empty, and that we need to self-organise to ensure that communities and their well-being come before profit.

We oppose speculations on housing prices that treat homes as assets and inflate the price of living. We oppose a system that abuses the law to legitimise the waste of resources in the name of private property. And we oppose the violence of the state and the police when carrying out forceful evictions.

Evictions often go unnoticed in public, while the people affected experience threat, assault and intimidation in addition to the fear and insecurity of loosing their homes. Please join this network to help shed light on the injustices that take place and stand by the people who experience them.

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