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Birmingham Social Centre is back

Birmingham Social Centre | 25.06.2012 10:46 | Culture | Free Spaces | Social Struggles | Birmingham

Last year a group of squatters and activists in Birmingham took over an unused building in Stirchley and transformed it into the Birmingham Social Centre. It became a hub for local activists and artists bringing together people from across the city and reinvigorating activism in Birmingham.

Last week an empty social club on what used to be part of the BBC Pebblemill site was taken over and transformed into the new home of the Birmingham Social Centre.

Last year the Whitmarley, an empty factory in Stirchley became the centre for a revitalized activist scene in Birmingham, it brought a lot of people together and resulted in many new groups being formed such as the Birmingham Green & Black Cross and Food not Bombs, as well as being used as a meeting and planning space by existing groups.

The free space was also a hub for local artists and musicians with regular art exhibitions and open mic nights. The free shop, community garden and free tea shop where also used by members of the local community.

The Pebblemill social centre which opened last week, will continue where the Whitmarley left off, with two bars, lots of open space, a stage, a tennis court and field at the back, car park at the front, there is a lot of potential to create something special.

The location is on Pershore Road between Oakfield Road and Pebble Mill Road.

Birmingham Social Centre