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Garden day @ Brum Social Centre – This Saturday 12pm onwards

Birmingham Social Centre | 26.06.2012 11:20 | Free Spaces | Birmingham

At the last social centre at the Whit Marley, the garden was great resource. Once it was created it was permanently open the public and is still used now with the kind permission of the landlords.

Last time we transformed a small patch of concrete into colourful area in which everyone could come chill, socialize and even put on events in. This time it is safe to say Pebble mill has far more potential. The Garden is huge and not concreted over with the exception of the tennis courts which we hope to get working and open to all, it is lush green grass which can be flower and herb beds. Come lend and hand and make space in which a community can grow.

We hope to make this a space where people can come and learn about and to practice the principles of organic gardening and permacultre.

Come down to the social centre this Saturday any-time after 12pm bring tools, friends, any spare seeds and plants.


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