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Man sets himself on fire outside job centre after being found fit for work

Atos Macht Frei | 30.06.2012 10:29 | Public sector cuts | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements | Birmingham

Claimant found fit for work driven by desperation sets himself on fire after disgusting treatment by the job centre, Atos and government.

In recent months the plight of the disabled and jobless has been covered all over the media. From the workfare security workers who were forced to sleep under a bridge to the desperate claimants being found fit for work by the flawed health check system implemented by Atos.

It was predicted by many that it was only a matter of time until the desperate took matters into their own hands as evidenced by the situation which unfolded at the Birmingham job centre on Friday. It has been reported by a number of mainstream news outlets that a man who had been found fit for work proceeded to set himself on fire.

Also please note Birmingham Against the Cuts will be holding an emergency protest today (Saturday) at 3pm! Outside the Selly Oakes Job Centre.

Atos Macht Frei