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Pebble Mill Social Centre survives flash flooding

Birmingham Social Centre | 02.07.2012 14:39 | Climate Chaos | Free Spaces | Birmingham

Last Thursday 28th June the Birmingham Social Centre @ Pebble Mill had to be evacuated after a months worth of rain fell in less than an hour causing the nearby river to burst its banks, completely flooding the squatted social centre knee deep in water. A few days of hard work later however and the social centre is now open again

On Thursday 28th June Birmingham became the victim of climate chaos after experiencing extreme weather conditions, a months worth of rain falling in less than an hour causing the river which runs along side the social centre to burst its banks. In less than half and hour the building was knee deep in water with its residents having to quickly evacuate it.

After a few days of hard work over the weekend the social centre has now reopened

Birmingham Social Centre
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