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Boycott Workfare disrupt corporate workfare conference in Birmingham

Boycott Workfare | 10.07.2012 15:21 | Workfare | Public sector cuts | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements | Birmingham

Today grassroots claimant group, Boycott Workfare are holding a free one day conference in Birmingham about welfare reforms, workfare, the attacks on our benefits system and building claimants support, advice and campaigning networks.

The conference is taking place at the Unite the Union Building, Transport House on Broad Street. Further down the road another workfare conference is taking place, this one at the ICC is a corporate conference with companies involved in the workfare programme.

At about half one the Boycott Workfare conference took a short break as its participants marched down Broad Street into the ICC and invaded the conference. Activists then proceeded to make speeches to some of the delegates about why workfare is unfair.

The protest ended with no arrests.

Boycott Workfare


workfare conference disrupted

10.07.2012 15:26

Angry group of job seekers storm workfare conference in the birmingham ICC.

Boycott Workfare

Audio From Conference

11.07.2012 20:05

Download: Lawyer's Statement - mp3 1.4M

Update from Judicial Review Lawyers about the current Legal challenge

Boycott Workfare

Audio from Conference

11.07.2012 20:11

Download: Universal Credit - mp3 14M

Info about the upcoming changes in the benefit system the introduction of 'Universal Credit'

Boycott Workfare