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Squatting sleepover! Homeless but not helpless!

Birmingham Tenants & Homeless Action Group | 28.08.2012 21:28 | Free Spaces | Social Struggles | Birmingham

Last night of legal squatting sleepover and meal 7pm, this Thursday (30th of august), get directions to find us here.

On 1st September, squatting in residential properties will become illegal. This Thursday, the 30th of August, is the last night that you will be able to settle down snugly in a squatted home, rather than freezing out on the streets.

In celebration of the wonderfully progressive laws that treated housing as a right; that upheld the principle that housing should be allocated according to need and not greed; that said no one should live out on the streets while homes sit empty – come join your friendly homeless campaigners and supporters for the last night of legal English squatting.

This is not to say that squatting will stop after the new law comes into effect. With recession, stagnant wages, mass unemployment and spiralling rents people will be driven to homelessness and forced to squat empty homes. This new law will simply criminalize and further marginalize them; criminal records for sleeping in abandoned properties won’t help anyone get jobs!

We’ll be starting with Dinner at 7pm this Thursday, so be prompt if you want to make sure you get food. We will be chilling all evening before settling down for the sleepover (bring a sleeping bag). Entry free but feel free to donate, all money is going to Birmingham Food Not Bombs, who will continue to support the homeless of the city.

Birmingham Tenants & Homeless Action Group
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  1. The answer is to start more eco villages! — Eco warrior