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Badger Cull Campaigners to Target Conservative Party Conference

Animal Rights UK | 28.09.2012 14:46 | Animal Liberation | Birmingham

For immediate release: 28/9/2012

Badger Cull Campaigners to Target Conservative Party Conference

Photo opportunity: Anti badger cull protest outside the conservative party conference, Sunday 7th October at 12 noon, Outside the International Convention Centre, Birmingham

An estimated 300 anti badger cull campaigners and hunt saboteurs are expected to gather outside the conservative party conference to protest the goverments plans to cull badger in two pilot areas under the myth that a cull would significantly reduce levels of bovine TB in cattle.

The protest organised by the Nottingham based Organisation Animal Rights UK has gathered great ammounts of attention from ecologists, animal welfare and animal rights activists aswell as hunt saboteurs.

David Best, A spokesman for Animal Rights UK says “we have held two simmilar protests before, one at last years 'Conservative Party Conference' and one earlier this year at the 'National Farmers Union Conference', both were well attended but neither gathered anything near the attention of this upcomming protest”

“I think its really starting to sink in that unless something is done immediately this cull which is an insult to both animal lovers and the tax payer when the governments spent £50million pounds on a study that concludes “badger culling can
make no meaningful contribution to cattle TB control in Britain

The Group is also raising money to support hunt saboteurs if the cull goes ahead, David Best says “We put an apeal up for money to help fund direct action against the cull on Wednesday night by friday we raised £450 and we have also been promised equipment donations too this includes first aid kits and night vision goggles”

“The money will go mainly towards fuel costs, there are hundreds of activists ready to sabotage the cull, we are just making sure they can get there”

The Group urges anyone against the cull to attend the protest outside the conservative part conference and those who wish to get involved in direct action to get in contact with thier local hunt saboteur group.

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