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Picket the Bigots - Tory Party Conference

Picket the Bigots | 08.10.2012 17:50 | Repression | Social Struggles | Birmingham

A hundred people from all across Birmingham and beyond, students, trade unionists and community groups all chanting loud and clear homophobia and bigotry are not welcome in Birmingham.

Picket the Bigots organised by West Mids Love Music Hate Homophobia, was a protest outside Birmingham Town Hall where inside a fringe event at the Tory conference organised by Campaign 4 Marriage was taking place. Essentially a homophobic event against equal marriage and equal rights and attended by senior party members. Campaign 4 Marriage also advocate gay "cures".

Picket the Bigots


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Gay Cures

09.10.2012 02:06

If only there were a Tory cure, other than autoerotique affixation and oranges whilst dressed in womens clothing.

Northern A

The Rt Hon

09.10.2012 02:07

Stephen Milligan, you knew how to party.

Northern A

I want the freedom to be a Christian

09.10.2012 11:12

My religion Christianity says that homosexuality is wrong. Why can't I have the freedom to follow my religion? I am sick of people labeling religious people bigots for opposing homosexuality. We believe that God made man for woman and woman for man, that is all.



09.10.2012 11:57

Nobody's trying to take away your freedom to follow your religion or believe whatever rubbish you want to believe.
You have the freedom to believe whatever you want to believe is a sin. But you don't and should not have the freedom to discriminate against others because of your beliefs.

Dan Factor