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Tory Conference Demo

Tory Scum out of Brum | 09.10.2012 21:24 | Public sector cuts | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements | Birmingham

Days before the anti-austerity protest was due to begin West Midlands TUC announced it would change the start time to an earlier time and change the assembly point from the High Street to Victoria Square. To counter this act of self sabotage Birmingham NUT and Birmingham Against the Cuts stock to the original plan and formed an education feeder march.

The new route meant this was no ordinary A to B march this was now an A to A march but was still surrounded by 10ft solid steel police barriers and well away from the conference. About 5000 people attended the demonstration which went through the City Centre and down Broad Street past the ICC where the conference was being held.

Tory Scum out of Brum