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PROTEST: Gaza .. The Die In on the BBC Steps!

Justice for Gaza | 21.11.2012 12:38 | Palestine | Birmingham

Thursday 22 November 18:00

The Mailbox B1 1RF Birmingham, United Kingdom

This protest seeks to highlight both the deaths of innocent civilians in GAZA and the complicity of the BBC in its biased reporting in favour of Israel and its denial of the facts on the ground.

Justice for Gaza


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BBC- propaganda arm of the state

21.11.2012 17:28

Before the slaughter began in Gaza, the heads of every major media organisation in the UK met with senior members of the UK government and security forces to plan the required propaganda campaign. The BBC is seen as the 'guiding light' in propaganda techniques used to demonise the would-be victims of Israel and the zionists.

Actually, the BBC was created as a propaganda division of the UK government, and even today MI5 and MI6 have officers within every major BBC facility, both to handle interviews with potential journalists, and then to act as 'handlers' for those journalists and management.

The BBC will typically spearhead 'Orwellian' language to normalise slaughter, police-state tactics, and mass slaughter. The family homes of enemy leaders are called COMPOUNDS in all news reports, to imply they are valid military targets. Murderous attacks by those the BBC wants dead are called PINPOINT strikes. Any response by the targets of massive military aggression is described as INDISCRIMINATE.

Most of us here think we are smart enough to see through the methods used by the BBC, ITN, and all major British newspapers. However, George Orwell was well versed in the tactics of state propaganda, and did not invent the concept of NEWSPEAK by accident. Those that control the airwaves and newsprint know that the drip-drip-drip of their serpent-tongued words erodes the morale of the moral opposition at the very least, and at best converts whole swathes of less critical thinkers (eg., most of those educated in the new 'academy' schools, or their parents).

The BBC has no line in the sand when it comes to evil behaviour. Remember, the BBC crafted show after show after show for Jimmy Saville, with the explicit purpose of providing him access to young children. This was no one-off by the BBC, since their previous long-running 'children's favourite' presenter (recently referred to by the pseudonym of 'Uncle Dick') had also abused children in the same way after the BBC created shows for this purpose.

Remember, the BBC provided private facilities for their abusers, where their abusers could be safely alone with their young victims. It is a universal BBC lie that these victims did not complain at the time. They did, but BBC management acted to ensure their voices were never heard.

Child abuse suited the BBC down to the ground. Not only did it sate the perverted desires of BBC management to feel 'powerful' and 'sophisticated' beyond the 'petty morality' of their listeners/viewers, it also played to the requirements of the MI5/MI6 teams. Why? Because British security organisations, in common with many across the planet, see child abuse as the ultimate lever to 'control' useful people. It is unlikely that many of the child-abusers at the BBC were seen as 'useful' by the security services- it is more a case that MI5/MI6 accept child-abuse as a useful tool, and never attempt to stop it.

The BBC doesn't just promote child-abuse in its own organisation. The BBC also promotes external circumstances that maximise the likelihood of increasing child-abuse in the wider society. The BBC has always been at the forefront of pushing for massive increases in state snatching of children, knowing full well that children are dozens of times more likely to be abused once in the 'care' of the state. Better again, the BBC knows that children 'owned' by the government have no voice, and if they do manage to speak out, can easily have their reputations 'blackened' by the usual reporting tricks.

Some years back, one of the most depraved child rapists within the British child-care system was a man called Frank Beck, as senior a social worker as you can get. His trick was to snatch young teens from their families, dress them as babies (with nappies, bottles, and forced baths). Of course, this depraved series of ritual humiliations (of young men and women) provided perfect scenarios for rape and sexual abuse.

Prior to his conviction, the BBC had made major propaganda shows praising Frank beck- specifically his practice of forcing young adults into the role of toddlers. It was a genius act of social services innovation, the perverted scum of the BBC told their viewers, even as terrified young women were being forced to strip so that males staff could 'bathe' them. Beck did not hide his behaviour any more than Saville did.

Today, their are dozens of new 'Savilles' operating at the BBC. Today, their are hundreds of new 'Frank Becks' operating at senior levels in the British social services. The BBC proudly promotes the governments massive increase in child removal by the state.

Since Blair's time, laws have been passed making it illegal for any news organisation to report the words or concerns of children in care. The BBC supported these laws in the name of child 'privacy'. In reality, these laws were passed to ensure another 'pindown' scandal could NOT be exposed by the press. These laws were passed to ensure that new 'Becks' may continue with their psychological and sexual exploitation of their child victims with minimum risk of exposure.

Their is a direct connection between those that support child abuse, and those that support depraved acts of mass murder and destruction, as we are currently seeing in Gaza. Those that believe that 'might is right' and that there is no point seeking power unless you can get away with things that normal people cannot, always act in the same way. To them, the raped child, or the blackened remains of the terror bombed football stadium in Gaza, are proof that they are 'gods' with no need to answer to anyone, and certainly no need to fear the judgement of ordinary people.

Sadly, History seems to prove them correct. How many idiots still supported/watched the BBC's 'Children in need' when all the BBC thinks children need is a raping, or terrifying death by Israeli bomb specifically designed to burn people alive.