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Save Birmingham March on the Council House Don't let them vote through the cuts

Feb 4th. 5pm. March on the Council House | 29.01.2013 15:51 | Public sector cuts | Social Struggles | Birmingham

March on the council house - meet 5pm opposite Waterstones - the Bullring - Monday February 4th

Rally February 4th 5pm at the Bullring: Albert Bore know the score, we won’t take it anymore!

Invite your friends, colleagues, community to all come out.

The government might say the cuts have already been decided but we say it's not too late. If they won't fight it in the chambers then we'll fight it on the ground in Birmingham.

Meet at the Waterstones by the Bullring at 5pm and march on the Council House where, at 6pm, the ruling Labour councillors are planning on voting for Albert Bore's recommended cuts to our jobs and services for the 2013 budget.

Rally together at the Bullring Birmingham 5pm on the 4th of February. Join others from campaigns across Birmingham fighting to; “Protect Our Youth Services, Keep the Children's homes open, Stop Cuts to Disabled services, Save the Birmingham Law Centre & Stop the closure of the Citizens Advice Bureau’s, Stop job cuts and wage reductions, Prevent reductions to local charities funding.

We're all fighting to stop the council and government making families, pensioners and the unemployed pay for the crisis caused by corporate greed.

Birmingham is being asked to make £600 million pounds worth of savings over the next few years, with £111 million cut over the next year alone, while many wealthy local councils are getting off lightly. It is the poorest who are being made to pay the most; the average reduction in funding for councils as a whole is £74 per person, yet Birmingham’s cuts are double the national average, at £149 per person. This is following on from massive, painful cuts already delivered: since 2010 we've seen £275 million in cuts and a 27% reduction in staff.[1]

On 4th February, the ruling Labour councillors will meet to discuss their 2013 budget for Birmingham, and Albert Bore will recommend they make huge cuts to our jobs and services. Albert Bore and the Birmingham Labour party have said they “accept austerity” and “understand the need for cuts”.

We're all fighting to stop the council and government making families, pensioners, unemployed people, disabled people and other vulnerable people pay for the crisis caused by corporate greed, whilst the richest 100 people in the world made over £150 billion in profit last year [2].


Feb 4th. 5pm. March on the Council House