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Blockade the Council House

#savebirmingham | 24.02.2013 02:34 | Public sector cuts | Social Struggles | Birmingham

Blockade the council house – No vote today - Save Birmingham

Meet 11am Victoria Square - form groups block entrances.

Birmingham City Council shut down our public meeting - in response we are calling on a public blockade of the council house to shut down their budget meeting where the first wave of the £625m worth of cuts over six years will be voted through.

We are calling for protests to stop the undemocratic imposition of massive cuts to social services across Birmingham. These cuts represent an assault on people’s jobs, livelihoods and freedoms to live their lives happily, uninhibited by poverty.

The cuts will be voted through at a special council meeting Tuesday 26th of February – Many of us were involved in organising a simple lobby of councillors and public meeting the night before however for political reasons the council decided they didn’t want to listen & shut down our meeting - Leading to strong condemnation from local groups including the TUC. In response to this we should not capitulate but take even stronger action.

Upon pressuring it to defend its actions the Council stated it had cancelled the meeting due to fears of protests that could disrupt other Council meetings. “A further risk assessment meant that on that evening, the Council House could not be opened up to general members of the public. There was intelligence that other private meetings due to take place were to be subject to targeted disruption and the threat could not be managed if the building was open.” – Council e-mail to organisers 19/02/2013.

Be it 50, 100 or 200 people who turn up this, it will be a protest against the widespread impoverishment and denial of democratic rights occurring across the UK, part of a global systemic crisis. There are plenty of political & economic alternatives for the city council and central government other than austerity. The government could be taxing the ever richer elite to fund vital services; the Labour council shouldn’t be so weakly accepting all Tory cuts.

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Best of luck

24.02.2013 13:12

Well done for organising