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Not quite the rumoured Anti-Thatcher demo in Brum!

Dave | 13.04.2013 20:01 | Free Spaces | Repression | Social Struggles | Birmingham

I had travelled to Victoria Square in Birmingham for a rumoured gathering to celebrate the death of Margaret Thatcher.

Unfortunately there was only one person turned up for this alleged gathering, so it seemed like a wasted day. However, I noticed a group of teens seemingly being harassed by a police officer so I went to investigate.

The teens were being told to leave Birmingham for fear that they would cause harassment, intimidation or distress. I was surprised to hear that it's quite normal for the police to prevent teenagers from congregating in public areas ("the whole of Birmingham"!) so decided to ask a few questions.

Also, in an unconnected incident I caught the final stages of an arrest of a UK Uncut campaigner who was part of a group of protesters campaigning against recent government cuts. For more info on this campaign see

Overall an interesting couple of hours though it's a shame the rumoured anti-Thatcher gathering was indeed only a rumour. That's the problem with rumours!



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more than one person

13.04.2013 22:21

It didn't start til 6, you got there too early.


Well no

13.04.2013 22:22

About 70 people there by 6:30 mate. I'm guessing you showed up at the wrong time since your video looks like it's from early in the afternoon.

Al the Rott

re: Party In Birmingham

14.04.2013 16:03

I was there too. Atone point from 6.30ish there were upto like 60 people there. Yes the weather was poor, some people went to London and others stayed a away. The point was people did turn up. If the original poster had not turned up 5 hours early he might have actually got some footage!!

Party Goer

Thatcher death party did happen.

15.04.2013 17:53

I really don't understand how you missed the party to celebrate Thatcher's death in Birmingham. It's been known for years that for those people that don't get down to London for the party in Trafalgar square to assemble in Victoria square for 6pm on the Saturday following her death. Apparently it was on Facebook too. I arrived with a friend at 5.55pm and we had brought a powerful but portable sound system on a trailer and for the next 2 hours played the following tracks at full volume:

1.) The day that Thatcher dies
Pete Wylie

2.) Thatcherites - Billy Bragg

3.) John McCullagh - I'll dance on your grave Mrs Thatcher.

4.) Morrissey - Margaret on the Guillotine

5.) The Larks - Maggie Maggie Maggie out out out

6.) Dimspace - Mrs Thatcher Song

7.) Elvis Costello - Tramp the dirt down.

8.) Crass - How does it feel.

9.) Not Sensibles - I'm in love with Margaret Thatcher.

10.) Klaus Ding dong the witch is dead

11.) Crass - How does it feel to be the mother of a thousand dead

12.) Frank Turner - Thatcher fucked the kids.

13.) Newtown Neurotics - Kick out the Tories

14.) Irish Brigade - I'd love to shove her.

15.) Dead Kennedys - Kinky sex makes the world go round

15.) Hefner - The day that Thatcher dies

16.) Liar Liar

17.) NtxGen - Andrew Lansley Rap

18.) Dub Syndicate - No alternative but to fight

19.) Anti Pasti - No Government
20.) Billy Bragg - Which side are you on.

21.) Calvin Party, Lies, lies and Government

22.) Blues Band - Ain't gonna work on Maggie's farm no more

23.) Oi Polloi - Fuck Everybody Who Voted Tory

24.) Billy Elliot - Merry Christmas Maggie Thatcher

25.) Ding Dong The Witch is Dead

26.) Hefner - The Sweetness Lies Within

27.) Stand down Margaret - The Beat.

28.) Gill Scott Heron - The revolution will not be Televised

29.) When Maggie Thatcher dies we,re all avin a party (Liverpool and Sunderland fans)

30.) The Specials - Ghost Town

31.) V.I.M. - Maggie's Last Party

It's a real shame you weren't there Dave, No reflection on your politics, but I did notice that people from Trot organisations were conspicuous by their absence. I would have thought that like me people might remember how Thatcher did the bosses bidding and never let up in fucking up the lives of ordinary working class people, and that perhaps more people may have thought it a means of getting publicity for the campaign against the present government policies like the bedroom tax (one of our placards said 'What the Poll tax did for Thatcher let the Bedroom tax do for Cameron. We could also say how is it that for someone with her wealth we are being asked to pay for a full state funeral and 750 troops when surely the private sector should pay for that in gratitude for the tax cuts and loopholes she and her class have given them.
What a missed opportunity to get publicity in contrast to the State propaganda we are being subjected to daily and of course this week the slime coming from the Thatcher supporters is just too sickening.
We enjoyed ourselves anyway and talked to passers by too. It is a shame there were only 50 people there. Perhaps you can join us Dave for Cameron's death, there again isn't his name Dave?

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