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Support Abdul Ghafar Rajabali

Abdul Rajabali Campaign | 13.05.2013 23:15 | Anti-racism | Migration | Social Struggles | Birmingham | World

Release Abdul Ghafar Rajabali and halt his deportation.
Please click on the website and sign the petition.

Abdul is a resident of Leicester and is currently being held in Morton Hall Detention Centre, Lincolnshire. He is awaiting deportation to Afghanistan.

Here's his story in brief:

- Abdul fled Afghanistan as a teenager to avoid the option of being either press-ganged into the Taliban or shot
- His father was Russian and all his family were consequently murdered in connection with this
- He arrived in the UK six years ago, when still a minor
- He now knows no one in Afghanistan, would be unable to cope and would be in extreme danger there
- He suffers from post-traumatic stress syndrome and has other medical problems
- He has made many friends in Leicester, helps out with Leicester City of Sanctuary based at the Cathedral and participates in the local anti-racist football team, FC Kolektivo Victoria
- He is an asset to his local community

Please click on the website to sign the petition to the Home Secretary. You can also contact the campaign webpage at for info on other ways to support Abdul.

Abdul Rajabali Campaign
- e-mail: releaseabdul AT
- Homepage: