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Hospital Campaign Song Heading For The Charts

Sarah_Robbo | 20.05.2013 08:56 | Health | Public sector cuts | Social Struggles | Birmingham

CAMPAIGNERS fighting to save acute services at Stafford Hospital have teamed up with a singer-songwriter from the town to release a song in protest of the cuts to the NHS and Mid Staffs.

Clare Palmer in Studio
Clare Palmer in Studio

Singer, Clare Palmer, who's 29, wrote ‘50,000 People Can't Be Wrong’ following the march through Stafford in April, inspired by the 50,000-strong crowd which gathered for the protest.

Members of ‘Support Stafford Hospital’ heard it after the Stafford-born Mum of two uploaded an acoustic version of her song to YouTube.

It’s now hoped the single can make it into the official UK charts to raise money for the Children’s Ward at Stafford Hospital, while raising awareness of the campaign.

Palmer, who has family who work at the Hospital, said: “I started writing lyrics the day of the march, it was such an emotional day for the whole town. I wrote the music and put it on YouTube to share how I felt and it’s just grown from there, it’s amazing.”

She added; “I am a Mum living in the town with two young boys, who were born at the Hospital and I really do hope this song helps raise awareness of the support our hospital has from people across Staffordshire.”

Julian Porter, from the Support Stafford Hospital Campaign said: “We’re honoured that Clare is doing this to raise awareness of the campaign. The lyrics capture the feelings around the march and we’re proud to adopt it as the official song and support her.”

He added; “We want to get our voice out there that 50,000 people can’t be wrong and we’re hoping getting the single into the download charts will help spread the message further.”

Producers at Stafford-based ‘Red Audio UK’ also heard her song, as it spread across social media and offered to work with Clare on professionally recording it for release.

Marky D from the studio said: "I was told by a friend that Clare was looking for some help recording and it made sense for me to step in, as I work with local artists recording and producing music.”

He added; “I really liked the idea of the Stafford Hospital campaign having its own official song, so I offered to do the work for free, as it's for a good cause!”

Talented film-makers from Bedroom Studio, also based in Staffordshire, filmed the singer-songwriter at the studio to create a video for the single which is now available on YouTube.

The '50,000 People Can't Be Wrong' single is available for download on a variety of digital platforms now, including, iTunes, Amazon and Spotify, with all sales going to the Children’s Ward at Stafford Hospital.

It will also be on sale in the campaign ‘shop’ in the Guildhall Shopping Centre in Stafford.

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