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David Rovics to play at a venue in Brum that uses Workfare!

workfare = slavery | 07.06.2013 09:00 | Workfare | Culture | Workers' Movements | Birmingham

On Monday 10th June 2013 David Rovics will be playing at the 'Kitchen Garden Cafe' in the suburbs of Kings Heath in Birmingham.

The Kitchen Garden Cafe models itself as some kind of locally sourced organic ethical eatery. It's a shame it doesn't extend this consideration to how it treats it staff. The fact is this business, the deli in particular, has definitely had workfare placements. We know this from speaking to staff although the boss has been very evasive and patronising towards customers raising this as an issue.

If you're outraged about this and you'd like to get in touch with the Kitchen Garden Cafe in Kings Heath, here are their details:

The Kitchen Garden Cafe
17 York Road
Kings Heath
B14 7SA
Telephone :0121 443 4725

Let's hope David and others can raise the issue on the night and we can persuade the establishment's bosses to finally ditch workfare. There are a lot of alternative folk and progressive events happening at this so called ethical cafe so we're confident a change can come.

workfare = slavery