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Big Vegan Fair in Brum City Centre, Sat 6th July

Midlands Vegan Campaigns | 26.06.2013 21:23 | Animal Liberation | Climate Chaos | Health | Birmingham

A vegan paradise is coming to Birmingham City Centre, for one day only! On Saturday 6th July, Carrs Lane Church Centre will be filled with nearly 50 vegan stalls, top vegan caterers, inspiring talks, mouth-watering cookery demos and much more! Open from 10.30am - 4pm. Admission is FREE.

leaflet for event
leaflet for event

Previous vegan fair in Kings Heath
Previous vegan fair in Kings Heath

Previous vegan fair in Kings Heath
Previous vegan fair in Kings Heath

Caterers ChangeKitchen at West Midlands Vegan Festival
Caterers ChangeKitchen at West Midlands Vegan Festival

Footwear stall Ethical Wares at West Midlands Vegan Festival
Footwear stall Ethical Wares at West Midlands Vegan Festival

Press Release - 26/6/13

Crowds expected to flock to vegan extravaganza in Brum!

Birmingham's biggest Vegan Fair for many years looks set to be besieged by food lovers from across the region! On Saturday 6th July, Carrs Lane Church Centre in the City Centre will be transformed in to an oasis of healthy, compassionate living, showcasing the very best in veganism.

There'll be free food samples galore, including delicious animal-free alternatives to meat, cheese, chocolate, cakes, milk etc. Also 45 stalls from as far afield as Manchester, London & Devon, selling the best vegan food and products available, including ice cream, chocolate & sweets, footwear & clothing, cosmetics & toiletries, cakes, raw superfood, recipe books, pet food, cheesecake and so much more!

Top vegan caterers will serve scrumptious hot food & refreshments throughout the day. There'll be lots of free recipes, healthy living guides and nutritional advice available.

In 2 separate rooms there'll be inspiring talks on nutrition and going vegan, plus mouth-watering cookery demonstrations throughout the day.

The event has been organised jointly by Birmingham Animal Action(BAA) and Midlands Vegan Campaigns(MVC). Both groups of volunteers are committed to promoting healthy, plant based diets for the benefit of animals, people & the planet. They hope to attract hundreds of local residents and people from across the region.

Dean Bracher of Birmingham Animal Action said, "The fair will offer all you need for healthy, compassionate living. Fair-goers don't have to be veggie or vegan to attend, all are welcome! We encourage everyone to come and discover why people are increasingly adopting a vegan lifestyle".

"The free fantastic feast will demonstrate how delicious, appetising and varied vegan cuisine has become. We promise to tempt the taste buds of even the most committed carnivores!!".

"Curiosity in vegan lifestyles has snowballed in recent years, as people seek a healthier, more ethical way of life. The horse meat scandal has increased interest in plant based diets even further, with a surge in sales of meat and dairy alternatives and many more people seeking our advice in recent months."

Since their formation in 2007, MVC have staged more than a dozen similar events, in Wolverhampton, Coventry, Evesham, Lichfield and Birmingham. In October last year, the huge Civic Hall in Wolverhampton was packed out for the fifth West Midlands Vegan Festival. Of the 2,000 visitors, more than half were non-vegans!

Kevin White from MVC said, "People who choose not to eat animal products do so for a whole range of reasons, not the least being that a varied vegan diet lowers the risk of heart disease, diabetes and certain cancers and increases life expectancy. It also eliminates suffering and saves the lives of thousands of animals as well as being a lot kinder to the planet. Vegan food is not only nutritious but it's delicious too, as everyone visiting the fair will discover."

"This will be the biggest vegan event in Birmingham for many years! We hope to attract many hundreds of local residents and people from across the region!"

The fair is free admission and will be open from 10.30am - 4pm. Anyone seeking more information about the event should see MVC's website or call 01527 458395.


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