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EDL bring their love of law and order to Birmingham

Stuart Sorensen (repost) | 21.07.2013 10:40 | Anti-racism | Policing | Birmingham

Tommy Robinson and his odious English Defence League (EDL) used to protest that Muslims were above the law. Today they’re in Birmingham protesting quite the opposite (1).

According to Tommy the EDL were…..

“protesting after six Birmingham men were jailed last month after admitting to a plot to attack an EDL rally in Dewsbury, Yorkshire”.

So let’s be clear…. They used to complain because (they claimed) the law didn’t prosecute Muslims. Today they’re protesting because the law DID prosecute some Muslims!


Claire from Redditch - mp3 7.4M

More vague, nationalist nonsense from the EDL
More vague, nationalist nonsense from the EDL

Apparently these fine, upstanding, law breaking abiding racist thugs citizens were also in Birmingham (during the month of Ramadan) to protest the removal of CCTV cameras. That seems a little implausible given the amount of street crime the EDL itself is responsible for.

EDL leader Tommy Robinson said:

“We need to reinstall these cameras to keep people safe….. To be honest if the police agreed to reinstall them, we wouldn’t even have come to Birmingham.”

If the EDL’s new policy of fighting crime by acting criminally themselves (criminal damage, public disorder, affray, assault with weapons, mosque burning) confuses you don’t worry. It clearly confuses them too……

Claire from Redditch (2) clearly hasn’t a clue what she thinks is going on while some of her fellow marchers still seem to think it’s got something to do with race!

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Stuart Sorensen (repost)
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