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The mass sleep-out Birmingham, to raise awareness of mass homelessness room tax

Rachael Moris | 06.08.2013 12:02 | Public sector cuts | Birmingham | Sheffield

''Why should I sleep on the street if the bedroom tax doesn't affect me anyway?'' This isn't my fight, I'm not affected by this as I am a renter to a private landlord/employed/mortgaged etc..,'' you may ask.

Because this is about uniting all regardless of financial standing. If we separate ourselves just because a new tax law does not affect us, then we become divided and weak as the government wage their merciless improvisation upon folk on lower income / housing benefit. Even the people who it doesn't apply to at the moment could find themselves subject to a similar imposition if the government are allowed to carry on regardless of an impending result of homeless-ness.

People have been awarded housing tax on a previous set of circumstances - these circumstances have not changed but the government have moved the goal posts.

By showing our solidarity shoulder to shoulder, setting up blankets and sleeping bags as a group outside Centenary square, we will register our fight just as effectively as a written petition only far more persuasively and across to the public mind of each and every one of our city's. Visit the page of click on the main community link to find your nearest gathering, there are already over 40 confirmed city's.

Rachael Moris
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