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Rapist of Women & Men - Police seeking possible other victims

GPD | 24.09.2013 09:44 | Culture | Other Press | Policing | Birmingham | South Coast

Rapist of Men & Women- This is Fluffy Ian- from No Runway 2 Campaign in the late 1990's. Also I think he was @ Allercombe, Trollheim & Fairmile. Plus other protest sites. Pls network. See also

I have been asked to network this story by someone in the Southwest who knew him. I do not know the man found guilty who is / was known as Fluffy Ian and was known at various protest sites.

Police look for other victims of Plymouth torture rapist

His victims numbered three women and two men, all targeted between last April and January this year.

The Crown Prosecution Service have said they will ask for four other similar offences to be taken into consideration – including bestiality towards his dog – when he is sentenced.

During the trial, his victim "J" told the court how she thought she was going to die during an ordeal lasting six or seven hours.

The woman was handcuffed, gagged and bound, and Harris repeatedly struck her with a wooden spatula while sexually abusing her.

Mobile phone records led police to trace two other women whom Harris had also sexually abused.

Harris later made a confession to detectives while he was being held at Exeter prison, admitting he had also held two men captive and raped them.

On Wednesday, The Herald exclusively revealed the depths of Harris' depravity and the immense bravery of his victim who not only reported him to police, but denounced him in court, leaving jurors in no doubt of his guilt.

Police have now released his mugshot ahead of his sentencing hearing, in case other potential victims now feel they can come forward.

Det Con Wayne Thielmann, who led the investigation, said: "It is possible there may be other victims of Harris out there who may not have felt they could come forward until now.

"The current investigation has come to its conclusion, and Harris has made no more admissions to us.

"However, if there are any other potential victims out there or anyone who has further information about Harris, then we want to hear from them.

"Harris was part of a eco-protest group which saw him travel across the Devon and Cornwall area, including towards Bristol. He travelled across the South West, utilising new-age style traveller encampments.

"Anyone who comes forward will be given support from the police and our partner agencies."

If you can assist the Plymouth Sexual Offences Investigation Team (SOIT) contact them on 101 quoting Operation Seaton.



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24.09.2013 10:54

I read the title and I thought it was going to be a Mark Kennedy story.

Maybe the cops should look in their ranks for the suspect, because at the moment there is also dozens of other rapists that they are protecting from their undercover units, and this 'fluffy ian' certainly fits the profile.

Cops, pigs, rapists, murderers.


Climate Camp

24.09.2013 12:00

Recall him being at some Climate Camp meetings if my memory serves me right, possibly some of the camps as well.


Probably Not

25.09.2013 07:43

Ana, they are not looking for the suspect, they have him already in jail.

Met him before around climate camp stuff and other things in South West. Very much doubt he was a cop, but never know. Clearly he had some level of mental health difficulties though.



25.09.2013 22:49

An appeal to help the police? Are you joking?