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Petition of Unconditional Basic Income for the UK

Tascha | 08.01.2014 17:56 | Indymedia | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements | Birmingham | World

A developed country with a developed society; every adult receives an unconditional basic annual Income of £11, 375... farewell hidden inequality, benefit fraud and fragmented communities and hello new horizons of an evolved society and true democracy.

Many thought it couldn't be suggested; that the government do their job and allocate the resources so that each adult may have the basic requirements to be responsible for their rights. But this petition is not only meeting the UK, it is urging the European Union at large.

It's been calculated that providing the adult population with a minimum wage is actually affordable and will annihilate the need of this 'beggar's penance' benefit system.

I know it's hard to imagine... sitting amongst your family and no longer hearing the complaints of willingly unemployed people sponging off the tax payers who don't see a fair return in their contributions. There would no longer be the indignant protesting from the artists, the illness trodden or redundant that they have no other choice but to be marginalised to queues of self pitying and embarrassed benefit seekers.

The rich might always be getting richer (and a lot might deserve to) but the poor or struggling will have their fighting chance to be amongst the strong of their country. The people of the UK would be empowered,
and that is the direction society should have always been striving for.

I know it's scary to imagine an empowered society.... but that's exactly how people thought when women's rights were introduced!
It's another step in progress and a vital step to gear us out of this crisis and onto higher ground. The more choice we have the more education would be prioritised and the less we would be spending millions on our youth being killed in battles abroad for certain societal level's own gain.

A lot would evolve- suddenly people would be responsible for their own lives and their communities: that's what we were born to be.

100 000 votes are needed for this petition to reach parliament discussions.

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