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Earth First! Winter Moot 7-9 March 2014

EF! | 16.02.2014 19:30 | Climate Chaos | Energy Crisis | Social Struggles | Birmingham | Sheffield

A weekend gathering for people involved or want to know more about ecological direct action around the UK including fighting opencast coal, fracking, GM, nuclear power, new road building and quarries with discussions and campaign planning - emphasis on the tactics and strategies, community solidarity and sustainable activism.

Evening Friday 7th - afternoon Sunday 9th March 2014, Nottingham

Cost scale £20 to £30. This includes full vegan meals and accommodation.

It will be an indoor floor sleeping space so bring a warm sleeping bag and mat. Train to Nottingham then tram to Beaconsfield street– walk to the end turn right on to Gladstone St — 245 Gladstone St, Nottingham NG7 6HX —

Full map/travel details

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