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UKIP posters in Leicester, vastly improved

Nasty Nigel | 30.04.2014 09:48 | Anti-racism | Migration | Social Struggles | Birmingham | Sheffield

2 UKIP billboards have been 'improved' in Leicester.

Spray-painted billboard
Spray-painted billboard

Billboard poster removed
Billboard poster removed

I stumbled across these billboards in Leicester this week. One was sprayed with 'FUCK OFF UKIP' and 'EUROCRAT HYPOCRITE', while the other had been ripped off entirely and replaced with Nigel Farage's grinning face and sprayed with 'TWAT' and 'UKIP NOT WELCOME'.
Any other similar efforts out there I wonder?

Nasty Nigel


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Well done

01.05.2014 11:29

Great work :)


Here Here!

03.05.2014 18:51

More of this to come methinks.

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