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Independence FROM America

CAAB | 21.06.2015 21:33 | Anti-Nuclear | Anti-militarism | Terror War | Birmingham | Sheffield

National demonstration for Independence FROM America at Menwith Hill Spy Base, near Harrogate, Yorkshire

Organised by CAAB (The Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases).

To be held on 4th July 2015, commencing at 4pm.

See attached flier for more details

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Might be a good idea

22.06.2015 14:14

Especially from the US point of view (cost).

But considering the state of your economy, so many who view these forums decrying the amount of austerity you now impose upon yourselves, really willing to devote huge amounts more to your own defense? (in place of the US picking up part of the tab).

I assure you, plenty of people over here would prefer that we weren't picking up the tab for you. There is little concern that a Britain more fully independent would be doing too much that we really didn't like, so why should we be paying for it? (I am just explaining a commonly held opinion).

In other words, there are people HERE you could work with toward your stated goal of a fully independent Britain.


Some thoughts on this

04.07.2015 19:12

I'm not sure these regular 'demos' can be justified any more. We know how these US bases work. We have as many pics of them as they have of us. If we need to take them down we can and I'm sure they imagine the same.

I think we should be concentrating on removing any threats to our Greek sisters and brothers as soon as...