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PAUL WARREN ENGLAND'S WIBBLE @slatedl @nottssolfed @JLRFB @misscheeky666 #ANTIFA

ANTIFA MIDLANDS | 19.10.2015 17:17 | Anti-racism | Repression | Social Struggles | Birmingham | Sheffield

Tonight, the Nottingham fascist march honcho "Paul Warren England" of EDL fame, (until recently, believed to be resident in Australia) is trolling the antifascist counter-protest page, trying to claim he is not racist, just as Matthew Pope of Pegida tried on in the past. He has stupidly challenged anti-racists to come up with anything near an insane racist rant he posted on Facebook. It didn't take long to expose his wibble. On an EDL page, he has posted a particularly paranoid rant about Muslims taking over Britain in 30 years time.

So much for your lies, Warren.

So the "true English" are dying out, 'eh? All households will be forced to teach Islam??????

Any more fascist bollocks from weirdo Paul Warren "England" are much appreciated. (just to add, it is so cute that numbskull fascists feel the necessity to add their country of Birth to their name to add a bit of extra kudos).

One of the less believable lies the poor little Warren wazzock has dared to post tonight, on the Notts Antifascist page is a tall tale about him giving money to Romanian homeless people - something an idiot who only cares less about "true English" people would never ever do.