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For the real class solidarity with the “refugee” and “immigrant” proletarians!

ZORRO | 13.11.2015 19:04 | Migration | Repression | Social Struggles | Birmingham | Sheffield

We received and publish:

Comrades, proletarians of Europe, once again you are being told that your living standards or even your very lives are under the threat from some “aliens”. You are being blackmailed with the further cuts of “social services” and with losing your jobs… as if it wasn't already the program of the ruling class! You are threatened by spread of “foreign religion” and “foreign culture” and pushed to defend “your own” country, culture, faith… etc… as if it meant anything else then defending interests of local faction of bourgeoisie! As if it served anything else, then keeping capitalist law and order and strengthening the dominant ideology, that makes us accepting our own exploitation!

Divided to “white” and “black” or “Roma”, “immigrants” and “native”, “men” and “women”. No matter how many times we were through that, bourgeoisie is again and again ready to play these dirty tricks on us! It serves the purpose of separating class struggle in one part of the world from the class struggle in other parts. To separate proles from proles, to make us see each others not as a class brothers and sisters, but as enemies.

Current wave of refugees coming to Europe from Syria, Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan, Egypt, Ukraine, etc. is a product of brutal crushing of proletarian struggles: - workers strikes, military mutinies and insurrections. Struggles reacting to capitalist crisis and it's expressions in the form of rising prices of basic commodities like food, fuel and housing, rising unemployment, decline in real wages, further rationalization of production and increased state control that is affecting proletariat around the world.

They were bombed, shot, starved and tortured... they were lured and pushed by various local bourgeois factions – nationalists, Islamists, “separatists”, trade unionists or “libertarian municipalists” - to transform their struggle for better living conditions and against state repression to struggle for national, partisan or religious symbols and flags, to make them hate and kill each other.

In order to prevent the proletarian movement that was burning in Maghreb and Mashreq, Turkey, Greece, as well as many African countries to tear down the borders – internal, as well as those of “Fortress Europe”, Euro-American (Russia included) bourgeois factions united in division, support all those political and religious sects and militias with money, weapons, propaganda and intelligence info of secret services. At the same time it is aimed at securing their geopolitical and economic interests in inter-bourgeois competition.

Now, when the last expressions of autonomous struggle of our class in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere are being defeated and its anger channeled to the popular support of parties of civil wars, this inter-capitalist conflict escalated in yet another mass slaughter of proletariat. And when the proles from these regions are trying to escape to save their lives, when there is no perspective for them then suffering, they are again only used as an ideological whip against “local” proles.

We, the world proletariat in Europe must struggle against the state violence towards our class brothers and sisters coming here, we must denounce all ideological attempts to divide them to “refugees” and “economical migrants”, to lock them down in concentration camps or to deport them back. We must challenge the false solidarity by right, left or extreme left of the capital, that see them only as a tool of future ideological division imposed on our class. We have to organize the class struggle together with them and with the proletariat in the rest of the world.

We have to extend our fraternization beyond the practical solidarity, like food, shelter, medicine!
We have to organize together for protection from state violence!
We have to discuss together and share experience from the struggle to help us expose all the bourgeois traps and manipulations!
We have to agitate for revolutionary defeatism in the war zone as well as here to stop the military supply!
We have to struggle together against austerity measures here and now!
We have to recognize our struggle in their struggle and understand that it is driven by our own interests of global class. Exploited class that will end all the exploitation and destroy and overcome the capitalist class society in global communist revolution!

International Proletarians 2015