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ALERTA #ANTIFA: #PEGIDA RETURN TO NEWCASTLE @ant1fane @JLRFB @dsahad @bikeyjezmo

ANTIFA NORTH EAST | 04.01.2016 20:02 | Anti-racism | Indymedia | Migration | Birmingham | Liverpool

URGENT CALL OUT! Daily Express have revealed that Pegida UK are to make a return to Newcastle later this month, January, under the fuhrership of Tommy "The Tit" Robinson. Birmingham is still happening on Saturday February the 5th 2016, however Newcastle will be the very first of Tommeh's Pegida goosesteps. Just as Pegida Birmingham coincides with the UAF conference, their march in Newcastle is expected to coincide with the national ANTIFA call-out in Dover. Tommy is shit scared that antifascists will get the better of him with a much larger turn-out, thus Tommy has decided to hold Pegida demos the same time as other events are happening.

Organised at the eleventh hour, Pegida's return to Toon will be a sly affair, and full details have not been released yet. If it wasn't for the fash cheerleaders at Lord Haw Haw Desmond's horrid rag championing Pegida UK, letting it slip, nobody would even be the wiser. It is believed to be happening on Saturday the 30th of January, the same day as Dover, hoping to avoid a large ANTIFA turnout, the cowards!

The Daily Express are calling Tommy Tit's Pegida return to Newcastle "their first major rally", knowing their last visit was shamefully unattended. Seeing as though Express Group Newspapers don't particularly like Muslims, it should be no surprise they would have been hanging out with the PegEDL lowlives at the Cuckoo pub near the outskirts of Luton, ready to big-up the best nazi thing since sliced bratwurst.

Just a year after their last disastrous outing in Newcastle, the disgusting scumbags return, viewing Newcastle as being a similar post-industrial city to Dresden, mostly white working class with high unemployment. It is up to the people to oppose them at the end of January.

Unless we know different, we must assume their Newcastle march will be held on Saturday January the 30th 2016 from midday, location TBA. Anybody not going down to Dover to help oppose the National Front, get your arses down to Newcastle to defend it from Stephen Yaxley Lennon and his German neo-nazi thug army.





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05.01.2016 08:26

Neo-Nazis Charlie Marston + Dom Howe at Pegida rally Newcastle
Neo-Nazis Charlie Marston + Dom Howe at Pegida rally Newcastle

Neo-Nazi Colin Holmes at Pegida Rally
Neo-Nazi Colin Holmes at Pegida Rally

Tommy Allan at Pegida Rally + NEI - Harry Fisken, Alan Rain
Tommy Allan at Pegida Rally + NEI - Harry Fisken, Alan Rain

Most recent Fascist activity in Newcastle - EDL members oppose anti-ISIS demo
Most recent Fascist activity in Newcastle - EDL members oppose anti-ISIS demo

NEI threats about Dover
NEI threats about Dover

Steve + Leslie Barker from Hartlepool in Dover last time
Steve + Leslie Barker from Hartlepool in Dover last time

It is essential that the likes of Charlie Marston, Dominic Howe, Colin Holmes and Simon Biggs are watched that day. Although any presence of the far-right in Newcastle Upon Tyne is bad such as this week around 10 EDL members turned up to oppose an anti-ISIS demo in Benwell - these particular people from around here are also very connected and driven by National-Socialist ideology. [1]

So far Dominic Howe and Charlie Marston have discussed about possibly attending Dover though that could change on the day.

Also NEI members such as Alan Rain, Marcus Owens, Billy Charlton, Harry Fisken and Tommy Allan who's are mostly concentrated around Sunderland and Teesside need to be watched too. So far the NEI are aiming to get to Dover on the 30th via Minibus possibly from Sunderland. Other people such as Pamela Britton and others are planning to make their own ways down or via smaller groups. This information too is not certain for what actually will happen on the day itself. [2]

In Dover last time EVF members Steven Barker and Leslie Barker from Hartlepool also travelled to Dover [3]

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Pegida demo in Newcastle:- story removed by express

05.01.2016 13:29

It seems the express, which is the only source for this story has deleted it, I think we have a false alarm and back to the first demo being in birmingham, although the new rumor is they are avoiding antifa and holding it at the National Exhibition Center, 5 miles out of town on an industrial estate, how true this is isnt clear but if it is it changes the response antifa need to plan.


Yes, thankfully a false alarm

09.01.2016 01:41

Thankfully the Daily Express had made an error which had a lot of people fooled, myself and my work colleagues who noticed the Desmond rag story, included.

But the speed which Newcastle and the North East's residents prepared for the arrival of the fash bears good for last minute flash-mob mobilisations, like those Britain First like to pull, especially when they turn up unannounced and invade mosques.

There does need to be a team of experienced and trusted ANTIFA in every town ready and willing to turn up in numbers for emergency call-outs at 24hrs notice. Bradford apparently went well, and so did Liverpool, but flash mobs will prove the major tactic in future - flash mobs of violent, intimidating thugs like the NF and NEI have done at the Newcastle War Memorial previously.

Well done, our city, for uniting again at short notice.

Geoff W

Express Plummeting To New Depths

09.01.2016 02:13

As an ex-journalist, though working for a local adsheet (not Richard Desmond's rag), I know what happens to news output when you make all the key staff redundant. Just ask those still left who attend meetings at the staff association ('chapel'). Those left at the porno boss's rag are forced to post racist lies day by day. Not my idea of a happy life. Those guys must feel right shit being forced to work up race hatred all 'cos their boss supports UKIP.

All I can imagine is one journo went to Tommy's meeting and proceeded to get blasted out of his brain being forced to interview that racist prick from Luton, and posted the story after ten pints of best bittter and a good few brandies.

Then his line editor realised the mistake and corrected it. Spanks to the hack's backside at the next team briefing.



09.01.2016 02:14


Good news.