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ROVING #ANTIFA vs #PEGIDA @bikeyjezmo @slatukip @misscheeky666 @jlrfb @ant1fane

ANTIFA MIDLANDS | 24.01.2016 11:17 | Anti-racism | Indymedia | Social Struggles | Birmingham | Sheffield

If the boys in blue facilitate the free movement of violent fascists from Birmingham Airport to the NEC, antifascists seeking to Block Pegida may find themselves sidelined in a pre-planned UAF-style kettle. This won't be the first time Plod has aided the safe passage of neo-nazis, and it won't be the last. However, if Tommy Tit thinks station blockers are the only means of antifascist defence, he's even thicker than he looks, with roving groups of other ANTIFA lying in wait throughout the route of his Goosestep of Hate to spring many nasty surprises. Whilst violent EDL thugs with far rights kippers in tow, march along singing obscene racist chants about Muslims, as they do, they will be watched, monitored, and located from street level. Few alternate routes mean Tommy Tit and PC Plod's cunning Baldrick-type plan to try and outsmart ANTIFA will fail with with autonomous units of militant ANTIFA lying in wait along the way. Dimwit nazis who think a few uniforms will clear the route of danger, will be mistaken at their peril. Eggs. flour packages, and rotten fruit fly a fair distance over walls, hedges and trees, given half a chance, messing up the Balfour jackets of the UKIP bourgeoisie in an instant, before the tinderbox kicks off big-time.

On the football pitch, there is always more than a single line of defence. All defenders stood in one place are easy to bypass with the long ball, although every type of antifascist has his or her place in the greater scheme of things. The UAF, in Birmingham City Centre have the strength of numbers for press cameras and interviews, whilst determined AF Network protestors ready to Block Pegida at Birmingham International Airport Train Station will give it all their all, resolute to bottle the fash at source, to stop them from advancing. Roving ANTIFA are however the joker in the pack, able to quietly conduct guerilla direct action manoeuvres away from the media glare, flash antifash mobs ready to achieve the most telling results, sending the nazis packing.

Proper hands-on stuff, instilling fear in the hearts of violent racists at the time it is needed most.

Let's hope the antifascists at the station will Stop Pegida as planned, and prevent them from marching, but if they do make it onto the road to the NEC, "Poodiga" marchers will be at their most vulnerable when they are not expecting it. This goes without saying.

Tigers catch most prey when hiding out of sight, ready to pounce. If the nazis get beyond the Airport railway station, a treat in store will await, as they nervously advance. Those of a more delicate disposition, middle class racist Kippers in at the deep-end, on their first fascist rally, will be shitting bricks with every goosestep. It was rather easy for fash to march in Nazi Germany, back in the day when Hitler consolidated power, but these days, when it comes to street battles, antifascists always get the upper hand. Drunken fascists are not the most sharpest when engaged in combat, arms flailing like idiots. Many PegEDL marchers will boast of a football terrace pedigree, but when it comes to one-to-one street confrontation, most British neo-nazis run away, fleeing like rabbits, cleared from the streets with consummate ease. Precautions should of course, be taken for reparations from Redwatch-style groups, slipping on masks at the opportune time before action ensues, all common-sense stuff.

The element of surprise will be paramount, so the fascists do not know what is coming next. Arrive earlier than midday and with nobody about, scan the route for nooks, crannies, alleyways, walls to hide behind, etc. Be weary of security cameras near industrial premises when masks are not on. Stay safe not sorry, and remember the many sacrifices of the brave British antifascists who took the might of fascism in the Spanish Civil War, who travelled many miles to directly take on hate. Your job is far much easier, just a drive or national express coach to the Airport and a short walk to find a suitable spot to dig-in along the route taken by the fascist marchers. And thankfully, you will be in very little danger in comparison to what your antifascist forefathers went through, eggs, rotten tomatoes, flour, and other messy foodstuffs ready to fly when the time is right.