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#ANTIFA CALL OUT DESTROY PEGIDA @slatukip @JLRFB @misscheeky666 @siegfails #ukip

ANTIFA INTERNATIONAL | 05.02.2016 12:33 | Anti-racism | Indymedia | Social Struggles | Birmingham | World

The hour is almost upon us, your opportunity to destroy Tommy Robinson's Pegida UK movement on a chilly, rainy February afternoon. The neo-Nazi scumbags are not marching in Birmingham City Centre because they are shit scared of ANTIFA, especially as a handful of bourgeois UKIP racists in expensive suits are expected to join the action, cowards who talk big about persecuting Muslims and destroying Islam, but in the cold light of day, will shit themselves once they catch sight of an angry antifascist ready to chase them off the streets. Dover was big, but stopping Pegida in their tracks will be momentous. Antifascists were too slow off the mark to stop the EDL in the early days, part of the reason, there was only the UAF mobilising at most if not all counterprotests. Now ANTIFA and the Anti-fascist network are taking the lead, there is much more resources for direct action, Dover and before it, Liverpool, landmarks in the physical struggle against street fascists.

Complacency allowed Adolf Hitler to kill over six million people in the Holocaust. In the early days, he could have been stopped in his tracks, however he was not taken seriously as a threat to humanity until it was too late. How many Germans in the early 1930s, knew this racist rabble-rouser would go on to be the world's worst ever mass killer? Hindsight is a tool not available to the masses at the critical point when action can be taken to nip Nazism in the bud. All we can do is to nullify possible threats to future safety and security. Stephen Yaxley Lennon is one of these threats who if not humiliated while we have the chance, could go onto be a monster who will enact mass genocide against Muslims, and if he had half the opportunity, bring about Pamela Geller's deadly Middle East / Muslim versus Europe /Christian "final conflict" which all the American Christian Fundamentalists - the Rapturists, believe will precede the second coming of Christ, whilst destroying all non-believers including Muslims and Jews alike. All seriously unhinged stuff every bit as dangerous as the masterplan of ISIS.

Tommy tweeted last weekend that he will deport all Muslim men if he ever comes to power, which makes him just as extreme as the National Front or National Action. The danger posed by Pegida UK must not be taken with a pinch of salt, as if there is no direct action to disrupt his hate marches, they will slowly but surely grow. Just one punch thrown in anger however, and his reputation will be in tatters to the extent he will not even get interviews on rabble-rousing LBC. if Tommy Tit doesn't leave in floods of tears at wrecked plans for his future Forth Reich, ANTIFA are not doing their jobs properly.

Action must be taken as and when you get the opportunity to do something. There is no such thing as a second chance when combating street fascism. Pegida are still in their early days, meaning they are incredibly vulnerable to humiliation, if the chosen AF tactics reap rewards. Carefully directed actions will win victory, whilst the wrong tactics will hand victory on a silver platter to the fascists, something none of us wish to see, neither do any of Birmingham's multicultural communities for that matter. ANTIFA are acting with the populous of Birmingham at heart. Any cock-up on our part, will not only be detrimental to the greater cause of antifascism, but will expose the West Midlands to an increase in racial attacks, as seen in other European cities where Pegida have marched with small or ineffective opposition.

All antifascists play an important role in opposing hatred, even the UAF, whose mass peaceful mobilisations help win the numbers game in antifash versus fash for the cameras. This is always important, as the British far right are always quick to claim they are backed by the "silent majority" as do UKIP, which elections show, is complete and absolute fantastical bullshit. More antifascists than fascists in comparative headcounts puts far right street support into stark perspective, leading eventually to its decline in popularity. Nobody likes to play second fiddle, not even bombastic, aggressive racist thugs. Whenever a fascist group loses ground, be they the BNP, EDL or Pegida, there is no way back. They are finished.

The Anti-Fascist Network are organising "Block Pegida", which is admirable, and a multitude of brave men and women aim to stop the fash from leaving Birmingham's Airport Station by a mass blockade of activists. If this tactic works, brilliant, and everyone will be so grateful.

However the danger is, most obviously, is, to use a cliche, putting all eggs into one basket. Like a football team with all defenders up to the half way line, there will be no defence further down the line. If the cops kettle the Block Pegida activists, Tommy Tit will be free to walk without interruption to the nearby car park to deliver his Nuremberg Rally speeches. There needs to be a full team of ANTIFA ready and willing to come in and bat later on.

If the cops assist the Pegidan thugs at getting through the early antifascist resistance at Birmingham International Station, there needs to be guerilla flash mob units strategically placed from A to B, ready to pounce all throughout the route, to help stop the march in full throes, further along the road. Hiding behind fences, in alleyways, etc, much fear can be instilled by the element of surprise. Irish republicans will be doing their bit out of the spotlight, and so can you. Arrive earlier from 10am, ready to dig in and choose your hiding place, hours before Pegida arrive.

Have everything well planned. Do your essential fruit, vegetable, eggs, milk, and flour shopping beforehand, to ease fash hunger pains. Kippers turning up in expensive Savile Row suits (or looking like Jimmy Savile with grossly out-of-date moustaches) will not fancy getting messy.

Last but not least, travel by car to the Airport, or catch the service bus or National Express. Do not, if you can help it, catch the train. British fash, via rightwing football hooliganism, have, via their "away day" mentality, made the railways their own. EDL train thugs hunt in packs, and are free to roam up and down, intimidating, photographing, stalking and viciously assaulting lone antifascist passengers, like the cowards they are.

National Express coaches run from all across the country to Birmingham Airport, and nobody is allowed to wander up and down the carriage as it is compulsory that seatbelts must be worn at all time. Book your seats now at the National Express website ( to smash the fash.

Take care, be safe, and only take the risks you can handle.