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#ANTIFA DESTROY #PEGIDA IN #ROTHERHAM @slatukip @JLRFB @misscheeky666 @siegfails

ANTIFA ALERTS | 02.04.2016 17:07 | Anti-racism | Indymedia | Migration | Birmingham | South Coast

Following yet another absolutely PATHETIC turn-out in a deserted car park near the NEC in Birmingham, the prince of egotistical fascism Tommy "The Tit" Robinson, has officially fallen out of love with with patriotic car parks, today announcing to his fellow sellotaped-mouth sheep that the flaccid Germanic Neo-nazi marching organisation will return to coke and Stella town centre demonstrations starting with a provocative goosestep on Saturday May 28th in Rotherham of all places, the town where repeated far right marches led to the murder of a taxi driver. Now Tommy Tit has decided to return to the nitty-gritty of street fascism on the same day as the NF invade Manchester. The NWI in disarray, the NF demo is very likely to be cancelled.

ENTER STAGE: MILITANT ANTIFA to put a stop to the antics of the wifebeater from Luton.


Accused by many on his own side of being an informant and a "New World Order" stooge, Little Tommy Tit was given an easy ride at Brum merely because ANTIFA had more urgent business to attend to over the White Cliffs of Dover, but now Tommeh is getting cocky, ANTIFA must thereby raise the stakes to make PegEDL feel the heat.

Stephen Yaxley Lennon still sees himself as being the only Fuhrer on the block, desperate to rake in the pounds from anyone who will listen to the arrogant idiot, even though Birmingham was such a miserable flop. In desperation, Tommeh has returned to the EDL's tried and tested old chestnut - town centre racist disturbances, starting with Rotherham.

Having disowned himself from the junkies and the pissheads of the EDL, the convicted fraudster has cowardly backtracked from his earlier plans to stick to the industrial areas of Birmingham, and is off to poach God's Own Racists at the end of May, the criminally-minded Yorkshire EDL in his sights for his borrowed brand of Germanic fascism as he becomes the latest nazi leader to target the beleaguered streets of Rotherham.

As if Rotherham has not suffered enough......

If Pegida UK are not adequately opposed in Rotherham, Tommeh will invade Manchester, hijacking a homophobic assault for his mercenary fascist cause on the request of Little Tommy English.

Adolf Hitler started off small, so complacency must not be a reason to give this a miss.

Tommeh Tit MUST to be curtailed in his tracks by an overwhelming ANTIFA turn-out, especially if the NF cancel their Manchester plans due to the comic capitulation of National Action and the NWI.

Following the car park failures, OB won't be expecting any opposition meaning an easier time from the authorities than Dover. Meaning ANTIFA can catch Tommeh and chums unaware.