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The neo-Nazi BNP Plot The Murder of Black People

The Truth Exposed | 05.05.2005 09:45 | Anti-racism | Education | Indymedia | London

The latest undercover tape (shot by a BNP member himself, and not a reporter), shows BNP politicians talking about murdering black people, and singing sonds about the Holocaust.

It's high time to make the BNP illegal, as this is pure incitement to genocide and racist murder.

Date: 4 May 2005
Source: Yorkshire Evening Post

Film shows Sieg Heil salutes and neo-Nazi singalongs

WITH just hours to go before the start of voting in the General Election, the Yorkshire Evening Post today puts the spotlight on one party whose extremist nature sets it apart from the rest – the British National Party. The BNP puts itself forward as a respectable party. It is not, and the YEP today tears away the BNP's cloak of respectability to reveal an extremist organisation riddled with convicted racists, Hitler admirers and criminals. The BNP is standing 112 candidates in tomorrow's general election, 36 of them in Yorkshire. It is contesting seats in Leeds, where for the last two years the voters have firmly rejected the BNP's message of hate. Our reports are intended simply to inform our readers, before they decide who to support in tomorrow's general election.

THE British National Party presents itself to the public as an acceptable political party with a different agenda.

The shaven heads and Doc Marten's boots have in the main been abandoned in favour of suits and respectability.

But in private its leading members present a very different picture.

The Yorkshire Evening Post has obtained film of the BNP at leisure in which its members and supporters sing neo-Nazi songs, praise the leadership of Adolf Hitler's Third Reich, and give Sieg Heil salutes accompanied by shouts of "Auschwitz!"

The film was made at a BNP celebration in Scotland.

As part of the celebration the BNP set fire to a Pagan cross – traditionally burned by Nazis at Volk festivals – whooping and throwing petrol onto the flames.

Two BNP security guards stand at the door of the building and give Nazi Sieg Heil salutes.

On the door to the building is a poster bearing the silhouette of a black man with a diagonal line drawn through it – meaning no entry to black people.

Inside the party is in full swing. A guitarist/singer is entertaining. First he sings a song well-known in neo-Nazi circles – The Future Belongs to Us.

Further songs include one which praises Rudolph Hess, Deputy Fuhrer of Nazi Germany, who flew to Britain during the Second World War, allegedly to sue for a peace settlement. The war-time government of Winston Churchill refused to negotiate, and Hess was imprisoned for the rest of his life.

The song refers to the "Brothers' War" – the modern-day neo-Nazis' way of describing the Second World War, which in their warped view should not have been fought between Britain and Germany because of the two countries' common Aryan racial roots.

A further song is a re-write of the Kenny Rogers 1969 chart hit "Ruby, don't take your love to town," except that the words have been changed to "Nigger, get the **** out of my town." The dozen or so BNP supporters at the party laugh and applaud the song.

Those present include small children.

The film closes with another shot of the two security men outside the building. They both give a Sieg Heil salute and shout the word "Auschwitz" – the name of the most notorious Nazi concentration camp in Poland, part of which today is preserved as a memorial to the six million Jews and millions of Russians, Poles, Communists, pacifists, trades unionists, gypsies, homosexuals and other "sub-humans" or "anti-socials" murdered by the Nazis.

The film was made by one of the BNP members present at the party. Several copies were made, one of which was leaked to anti-racism campaigners. The leak caused a furious row in the highest echelons of the BNP.

BNP rife with criminal convictions

THE BRITISH National Party is littered with criminals with convictions ranging from possessing explosives to violence.

Many of its key organisers past and present have criminal convictions. The convictions go beyond the incitement to race hatred which are predictable among the organisers of a party whose very existence is based on the philosophy of racial supremacy. Many also have histories of violence.

Tony Lecomber, who is BNP Group Development Organiser, has two convictions for criminal damage in the 1980s. In 1985 he was convicted on five counts for offences under the Explosives Act and in 1991 he was sentenced to three years' imprisonment for an attack on a Jewish teacher.

He has been involved in fascist politics since the early eighties, is an ex-member of the National Front and the New National Front and an inaugural member of the BNP.

Warren Bennett, who is head of the BNP's Department of Security, was in 1990 convicted for public disorder.

He was among 58 Scottish supporters prevented from attending the Scotland match with Norway in Bordeaux, France during the 1998 World Cup. Scottish and French police feared they would commit violence. The group had been followed by police from Spain.

Between 1992 and 1995 he attended several events staged by Combat 18, the openly violent and neo-Nazi group, including protection of meetings held by Holocaust-denier David Irving in 1992 and Loyalist parades in 1995. The 18 in Combat 18 stands for AH, the initials of Adolf Hitler.

Stephen Belshaw, former regional organiser for the East Midlands was in 1993 convicted of violent disorder for an attack on a Mansfield solicitor.

He was active in Combat 18 in 1992 and 1993.

Colin Smith, former regional organiser for South East London, has multiple convictions, including possession of an offensive weapon, driving whilst disqualified, and possession of a controlled drug. He has been involved in far right politics since the early 1980s. An ex-member of the openly Nazi British Movement, he joined the BNP in the early 1990s.

In 1981 he was photographed wearing a British Movement jacket with a swastika armband at a British Movement rally.

The Truth Exposed


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05.05.2005 18:24

yaaaaaawn 1992 !!!!, nf camp, not bnp yawwwwwwwwwwwn


No Surprise!!!

05.05.2005 19:32

This comes as no surprise to anyone who knows the fash. They regularly glorify Hitler. if only the BBC's Six O'Clock News would expose them, instead of allowing "party political" broadcasts by neo-Nazi BNP twats in suits and ties.

The BNP are scumbags in the true sense of the word.

Don't forget, Nick Griffin is a convicted terrorist.

Shame on all the racist voters who voted neo-Nazi in this general election.


BNP Fail To Increase Their Vote - Racism Is Dying

06.05.2005 01:27

Griffie babes failed to make his breakthrough

All that effort for nothing.

He might as well take up trainspotting......


Mini Driver

head in the sky

06.05.2005 15:14

If the bnp are dying how come they incresed by 9% the vote in keighley,just behind the libs.Its partly your lots(lefty students,snazzy suited left libarals) greyfaced ingnorace in why the white working class vote for the bnp.Keep drinking your guilt free caffeine and thinking everys hunky dory.

And its strange that a radicals ask for state bans.


BNP won Election

07.05.2005 11:20

The BNP won this General Election! The reason being that Immigration was the hot topic of conversation. It was the issue everyone was talking about. Racism is not dead inBritain but growing! It is now legitimate to question immigration and immigrants. Racism is becoming acceptable.



The psychic Mr Lustbather...

08.05.2005 14:58

Ah, yet again we see a poster mystically granted huge insights into the lifestyle and politics of anonymous posters of which he knows NOTHING.

Nothing like passing off your own ill-informed prejudices as fair comment, is there?

For the record, I believe Mr Lustbather to be a public school educated, three-legged Blairite freemason with a dodgy combover, a tatty polo neck and secret Veritas membership.

Oh - and you definitely smell of piss as well!

kiss kiss

You've no fucking idea who I am so don't try it on

In Your Fascist Wet Dreams Max

09.05.2005 20:36

"The BNP won this General Election!"

No, I think you'll find that was New Labour Max.

Charlie Cotton

"Max" Revealed

18.05.2005 10:04

Max is the alter-ego of Mark Collett, the wanky "computer nerd" Hitler worshipper with a small penis.....

He will deny his identity, but the BNP are renowned liars, denying the Holocaust happened......

The Game's Up

Not Mark Collett. Not small p...s

20.05.2005 21:33

Thanks for the compliment.

I dont think so. Typical of the type. Not Mark Collett, not small penis.

Nuff said to brain deads,.




21.05.2005 11:50

If you think being compared to Collett is a compliment Max, you must be an even sadder wanker than I'd previously thought.



06.07.2005 12:48

8.07.05 truth has many layers

I am a B.N.P member and proud to be so. I have been to three meetings such as the one described in Scotland. I didn't see one nazi salute or hear one reference to nazi ideology on all three occasions.

There were no children present and no poster on the entrace of a black man with a line through it.

I do not worship Hitler and the nazis. I am compelled by them however, and give them 10 out of 10 for determination, style and for leaving such a legacy on film.

Does this make me racist?

paul hickman

About time

13.07.2005 01:09

About time they kill some black people and make the world whiter!



17.07.2005 02:45

You're such a liar. The tape of this meeting has been shown to several government ministers, and they regard it as 100% authentic.

Just in case you deny the links between the BNP, SS VETERANS GROUPS, and the KU KLOX KLAN, everybody, let us remind you of the politics of these Hitler-festishists and white supremacists-


The politics of the BNP a summary

The BNP and antisemitism

The leader of the BNP, Nick Griffin, authored Who are the Mindbenders?, a pamphlet that asserts that Jews control and brainwash people through the mass media: "very few people in Britain are aware of the huge influence over the mass media exercised by a certain ethnic minority, namely the Jews". The booklet purports to provide a list of all Jews working in the media as proof of this thesis. The supposed Jewish manipulation of the BBC is 'proved' by a list of 19 Jews who work for the corporation, which employs thousands.

In the booklet, Griffin accuses Jews "of providing us with an endless diet of pro-multiracial, pro-homosexual, anti-British trash".

The Mindbenders is based on Who Rules America?, a similar pamphlet written by William Pierce, one of the world's foremost neo-nazis and a self-confessed ally of Griffin. Pierce is also the author of The Turner Diaries, a fictional account of a race war in America, which inspired Timothy McVeigh the Oklahoma City bomber.

When the former MP Alex Carlisle reported Griffin for inciting racial hatred and Holocaust denial, Griffin commented: "This bloody Jew, our local MP who organised the raid whose only claim to fame is that two of his parents died in the Holocaust."

In Spearhead, Griffin has written, "Some 'antisemitism' may be provoked by the actions of certain Jews themselves and thereby have a rational basis".

The Group Development officer of the BNP is Tony Lecomber, a convicted bomber who also has charges under his belt for attacking a Jewish teacher on the underground. Lecomber took part in the assault after the man tried to remove a BNP sticker that had just been put up.

The BNP prints offensive cartoons of Jews in its publications which play up to racist stereotypes by presenting them as hook-nosed, wealthy and powerful.

The BNP and Holocaust denial

In 1998, Griffin was found guilty of distributing material likely to incite racial hatred. The incident related to his publication, The Rune, which in the issue in question denied the Holocaust took place. He received a two-year suspended jail sentence.

Referring to the Holocaust as the "Holohoax", Griffin launched an attack on Holocaust denier David Irving for playing the "numbers game" in Issue 11 of The Rune. This attack followed Irving's admission in an interview that up to four million Jews died in the Holocaust. Griffin wrote: "True revisionists will not be fooled by this new twist to the sorry tale of the Hoax of the Twentieth Century".

After his arrest he wrote, "I have reached the conclusion that the 'extermination' tale is a mixture of Allied wartime propaganda, extremely profitable lie, and latter witch hysteria".

The star witness testifying at Harrow Crown court on Griffin's behalf was Robert Faurisson, the French Holocaust denier.

The BNP produced Holocaust News in the early 1990s, a four-page broadsheet which denied the Holocaust. Issue one was headlined: "'Holocaust' Story an Evil Hoax". Issue Two was headlined "Auschwitz not a Death Camp". In both editions the Anne Frank Diaries were dismissed as a forgery.

Several of the world's leading Holocaust deniers have addressed BNP meetings. They have included, David Irving, Ernst Zündel and Fred Leuchter.

The BNP and racism

The BNP declared in its 1997 manifesto, Britain Reborn, "The horrifying future that awaits Britain as a result of the follies of Third World immigration can only be averted if we adopt two very firm policies:

1) Future immigration of non-whites must be stopped;

2) Non-whites already here must be repatriated or otherwise resettled overseas and Britain made once again a white country".

The BNP has dropped its policy of compulsory repatriation in order to remove the Nazi label that follows from such a policy. Yet it states that its main aim is to "protect and preserve the racial and cultural integrity of the British people - and of others too. The party believes in separation".

Throughout the Serb conflict with the Kosovans, the BNP made it clear that it was in favour of ethnic cleansing: "The Serbs' real crime isn't the harshness with which they have expelled so many of the Albanian Muslims who, having become the majority in the Kosovan heart of Serbia by a mixture of immigration, a high birth rate, and low level ethnic cleansing of the native Serbs... No! The real crime in the eyes of the powerful advocates of a multiracial New World Order is for any people to demand the right to preserve their own identity and freedom."

The BNP's tone in the Greater London Assembly elections in 2000 remained similar to its previous "Rights for Whites" slogans of the past. Under the title, "A voice for London's silent majority" it claimed that "London is becoming a foreign city", in which the "British" have become "second class citizens".

In March 2000, Griffin claimed, "The asylum seeker issue has been great for us... This issue legitimates us."

The cover of the November 2000 edition of Spearhead declares, "Time to stop feeling guilty about being 'racist'."

The BNP and extremist links: -

The BNP has a long relationship with William Pierce, leader of the National Alliance, one of the most hardline Nazi groups in the USA. In August 1999, Pierce addressed an American Friends of the BNP (AFBNP) meeting in Arlington, Virginia. Pierce's articles have regularly appeared in Spearhead, and in 1995 he addressed a BNP rally in London.

The AFBNP has invited some of the world's most extreme Nazis to address its meetings. Guests include, Don Black, host of the world's largest neo-nazi website; Vincent Edwards, campaign manager for the former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke; and various members of the National Alliance.

Günther Deckert, arrested and imprisoned for five years in Germany in 1995 for Holocaust denial, addressed a meeting of the BNP in March 2001. Deckert has been closely associated with NPD in Germany, a far-right, racist party. Before his imprisonment he spoke at a number of BNP meetings, including a party rally in 1994. Throughout his imprisonment, BNP publications continued to champion his cause and express support for Deckert. The February 2000 edition of Spearhead contains a message for Deckert stating, "Gunther Deckert, former leader of the German NPD party, wishes to thank all those of the BNP 'family' who thought of him and who sent their best greetings".

You Fancy Hitler

The bnp member Paul Hickman is a lair

24.11.2005 17:58

Paul Hickman who is a BNP member claims that he does worship Hitler and the nazis may i remind Paul hickman that John Tydall the founder of the BNP was part of the Nazi party before starting the National Front in 1967 and that Nazi party was started by that homosexual Hitler who is blood related to the rothchild family who are ashkenazi jews the zionist who want a new world order which some people say that the anti christ shall rule and the fact that hitler did Black magic (satanism) and i would suggest that Paul hickman read a Book called the bloodlines of the Illuminati by Fritz Springmeier and also watch the sercet rulers of the world with David icke when David Icke who had combat 18(conbat 18)attend his meeting talking about this illuminati and the same illuminati funds far right groups like the kkk ayran nation and National front that why the BNP in their spearhead magazine had jesuit controlled Louis farrakhan on their front cover in 1996 or 1997

Alan Tayler
mail e-mail:

My own eyes

18.01.2008 16:39

Has anybody posting here actually been to auschwitz?

thought not.

I have.

I believe it happened, they tried to clean the state of people they deemed unworthy or unproductive, if you could not give back to the state more than the cost of feeding you then you had no purpose.

social darwinism.

The thing that struck me most, It could happen again, tomorrow, here, there, anywhere.

You cannot ever win the war against the ideology of facism/nationalism you can only fight it.


That night i sat in a hotel room in Krakow watching Polish TV news of Nato planes attacking Serbian troops in an effort to halt the Ethnic Cleansing of another countries religious minority.

The planes were German.

That gave me a little hope for the future,

blarney stone

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