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It’s time to get Watty! - British nazi admits to running Redwatch

Lancaster UAF | 12.09.2006 09:59 | Anti-racism | Culture | Social Struggles | Liverpool

A veteran British nazi has publicly admitted to being behind the pernicious Redwatch website. Kevin Watmough, from West Yorkshire, made the claim in June on a nazi bulletin board. While Watmough’s role has long been known to Searchlight, this is the first time he has publicly confirmed his involvement in writing.

Redwatch, which was launched in 2001, lists names, addresses and personal details of anti-racists, anti-fascists and others who oppose nazism. It originated from a tatty newssheet under the same name that was produced by the nazi terror group Combat 18 in the early 1990s.

Photographs and details of hundreds of people have been posted on the website, many supplied by BNP organisers and activists as a way of intimidating and scaring off their political opponents.

Some have had threatening phone calls and abusive letters as a result. Others have been attacked.

Only this summer Alec McFadden, president of Merseyside Trades Council, was attacked on his doorstep by a man wielding a knife. Despite being slashed repeatedly across his face, McFadden managed to close his front door on his attacker, an act both he and the police acknowledge probably saved his life.

McFadden has subsequently received a letter threatening his family if the Redwatch site is closed down.


Watmough’s admission came during yet another internal dispute within Britain’s lunatic right. Worried about the growing pressure being put on the authorities to take action against Redwatch, some of Watmough’s col-leagues in the British People’s Party began distancing themselves from him and the website for fear of becoming embroiled in any prosecution.

This infuriated Watmough, who has been at the forefront of violent nazism since the early 1980s (see page 6).

“It seems that most of the people who have left the BPP so far are more concerned with the fact that ZOG [Zionist Occupation Government – the nazi claim that the government is run by Jews] may decide to come down hard on them personally if the powers-that-be decide to take action against Redwatch if it’s linked with the BPP rather than any real concern about links to National Socialist sites such as SS Regalia,” wrote Watmough.

“Everyone has known in Nationalist circles and beyond that since 1998, I have been the creator and webmaster of the C18 website and, from 2001, the Redwatch site and Aryan Unity. I was also webmaster of the WNP site. There is currently a warrant out for my arrest in Germany for articles I have written on the B&H site and Redwatch has been the subject of various debates in both houses of parliament recently. Am I bothered?”

Evidently not. And why should he be. His role behind Redwatch, and other openly nazi and racist websites, has been well known within nazi circles for many years yet he has continued to operate with impunity.

Complaints have been made to the police, the Home Office and on the floor of Parliament but absolutely nothing has been done. Two years ago the Home Office claimed that there was nothing the British authorities could do because the sites were hosted in the US and so were not only outside British jurisdiction but even allowed under the First Amendment of the US Constitution which protects freedom of speech.

Searchlight never fell for this total nonsense. Yes, the site was hosted by servers in the United States but the material and the people behind the site came from Britain. The crimes were committed here.

It is also debatable whether the US Constitution would protect such sites. Lawyers in the US confirm that there is no freedom to intimidate, harass and commit violence against individuals.

The other excuse for inaction was that these sites did not in themselves break any laws – they were after all simply lists of leftwing activists. One wonders whether the same argument would be advanced if the website listed scientists involved in animal welfare, or indeed the private addresses of MPs and senior officials.

This line was exposed as nonsense in November 2003 when Searchlight revealed details of the Mole Intelligence Bureau discussion board, hosted on Yahoo. This site, run by Watmough’s Leeds-based colleague Tony Foy, revealed the true nature and purpose of Redwatch.

A select group of nazis used this site to collect and swap information about potential targets, planned a programme of intimidation in the hope that their critics would be silenced and even discussed physical attacks. (See page 6 for more on the Mole Intelligence Bureau.)

The involvement of Watmough, Foy and the C18 thug Tony White in Redwatch could be clearly demonstrated from the various internet postings uncovered by Searchlight at the time.

As if that weren’t enough, the paperwork relating to the various Redwatch sites, available to the public on numerous websites, clearly linked Watmough to the sites together with another person who cannot be named for legal reasons. Watmough’s name was the registered contact for one site, while BM Box 5581, a private mail box run by Watmough, was linked to several others.

Even if the US hosting of Redwatch puts it beyond the reach of British law, Searchlight believes that numerous other laws are being broken. The recently passed Harassment Act seems the most obvious. The obscene racial content on several other websites run by Watmough clearly contravenes the Public Order Act and the secret email exchanges on the Mole Intelligence Bureau site should surely be grounds for a charge of conspiracy to commit violence at the very least.

That this site also contained bomb manuals and essays supporting nazi terrorism was also overlooked by the authorities.

Dereliction of duty

Why then has nothing happened? After all, most of this evidence has been supplied to the authorities over the past two years.

Searchlight lays the blame firmly at the door of West Yorkshire Police who, despite several attempts to persuade them to take the issue seriously, have consistently refused to act against Watmough, White and Foy, who all live within West Yorkshire.

Unfortunately, a disregard of nazi violence against anti-racists appears to have been unofficial policy in the higher echelons of West Yorkshire Police for many years.

In the early 1990s Watmough, White and several other Leeds-based nazis were behind a series of violent assaults on leftwing activists and their property in Leeds.

The violence attracted the attention of Channel 4’s Dispatches programme, which secretly filmed the nazis arming themselves for an attack with iron bars, hammers and other weapons. With this evidence, reporter Callum McCrae quizzed West Yorkshire Police about their apparent inaction over these attacks. “It’s the right wing against the left wing,” commented the interviewee with seeming indifference.

However, West Yorkshire Police were concerned enough about their own failure to act that on the morning of the programme three of the Combat 18 nazis were arrested. With much glee, a police spokesperson rang up Channel 4 to remind them of the sub judice law. With only minutes to spare the programme was changed to water down condemnation of police inaction and remove the names of the three men. Shortly after the programme was broadcast the three men were released without charge.

In 1995 C18 thugs, including at least one who went on to become a BNP councillor, attacked two school teachers in a pub in Halifax. If the police had bothered to answer the emergency call they would quickly have located the assailants, who included C18’s leaders from London, as they had merely wandered down the road to the next pub. The police didn’t and no one was ever questioned about the assaults.

ITV’s World in Action was able to identify at least two of the men directly involved in the attack. One, Will Browning, was later to mastermind a C18 bombing campaign which only failed because the bombs were intercepted by the police.

Violence and political intimidation accompanied the rise of the BNP in Halifax in 2003 and on several occasions anti-fascist activists were abused and even attacked as they distributed anti-BNP material. In April 2003, Searchlight learnt of a major mobilisation of BNP thugs and Leeds football hooligans to prevent a Sunday morning leaflet distribution. Unsure of how West Yorkshire Police would respond, Searchlight informed the Metropolitan Police who in turn contacted their northern counterparts.

Despite their advance knowledge, West Yorkshire Police did nothing to stop 70 thugs scaring off 16 anti-BNP leafleters. A sole officer sat in a police car as BNP thugs told the leafleters to leave the area. It was only after this had happened that a police van arrived.

The same year saw the firebombing of a car belonging to two teachers in Leeds who were both active in the Anti Nazi League. The attack happened only hours after White was sent to prison for distributing racist material to school children. One of the teachers worked at the school but the police failed to make the connection.

Searchlight believes that West Yorkshire Police have repeatedly failed in their duty of care to protect local citizens. The inaction over Redwatch is just the latest in a line of instances of indifference to nazi violence.

Searchlight is now working with the trade union movement to ask the West Yorkshire Police Authority to investigate their force’s response.

In the meantime, the campaign against Redwatch continues. Fortunately the Redwatch investigation has now been taken out of the hands of West Yorkshire Police and transferred to the computer crime unit of the Metropolitan Police.

The new investigating officer could do worse than look at events in Poland, where several arrests have been made of people connected to the Polish version of Redwatch, the site has been officially removed twice and discussions are ongoing with the FBI to close down the site permanently.

Note: Watmough's admission to running the Redwatch site appears in a post on the Vanguard nazi forum, where he posts as BHUK. The relevant section is worth repeating just because it's so irritating:

'Everyone has known in Nationalist circles and beyond that since 1998, I have been the creator and webmaster of the C18 website and, from 2001, the Redwatch site and Aryan Unity. I was also webmaster of the WNP site. There is currently a warrant out for my arrest in Germany for articles I have written on the B&H site and Redwatch has been the subject of various debates in both houses of parliament recently. Am I bothered?'

Arrogant little shit. I'd SO love to see this idiot banged up!

If you want to read his entire post in situ, it's here (change the xx to tt) hxxp:// If it's been deleted, let us know at - we have the page saved as an archive file and can post it up somewhere else.

Item originally appeared in Searchlight with addition from Lancaster UAF

Lancaster UAF
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Hide the following 25 comments


12.09.2006 12:13

while admiring your intentions in putting up this article you are either unaware or naive about searchlies input into leeds c18 through there informant/infiltraitour Tony white ,the world in action documentary was researched by soon to be searchlies editor Nick Lowles ,his main informant [even appearing on screen blacked out and with dubbed over voice] was Tony White, how and why tony white resurfaced in west yorks nazi circles is any ones guess as he was well and truly outed by the bnp in white lies [some of which is spot on and some utter bullshit], he managed to resurface with the pudsey nf [circa 2001], had a hand in starting the bradford riots then seems to have been ostracised from the nazi scene only to resurface again recently making additions to red watch..... interesting bloke ,c.o.g

concerned of gipton


12.09.2006 13:11

White also spent a lot of time talking (alone) to Tony Lecomber in the pub during one of Griffin's Leeds court days. This was only days before Lecomber's (public) fall from grace. What would a (then) high-ranking BNP official have to say to a no-mark like White?



12.09.2006 13:28

"Arrogant little shit. I'd SO love to see this idiot banged up!"

He creeps around Leeds like Golum. Don't think he'd last 2 minutes locked up (he wouldnt have his kids to hide behind for one thing). Like his boyfriend Tony White he'd be strait on the numbers with the other rapists.


Some of Watmough's other recent claims

12.09.2006 16:49

Watmough (under attack on VNN): "OK, C18 uses the principles of 'Leaderless Resistence' but who produced the black mags and the Strikeforce/B&H mags in the 90s? Who organises gigs? Who plays in C18 bands? WHO ORGANISED THE ATTACKS ON BLOODY SUNDAY MARCHES [my emphasis] in the past? Or are you saying those weren't C18 events?"


betta BEE-leave-EAT

12.09.2006 19:01

yeah this is really frite-ning. i have had a note through my door ( the door being decorated with CND flyers ), saying BNP in blok CAPITALS at top and running down the page B-rittish (sic) N-ational P-arty. i have shown it to a few people and sum have suggested that "it is probably just kids" personally i think saying that is a slur on KIDS and anyway it looks like adult writing.

also when in CAERDYDD/cardiff yesterday i found a british movement sticker on a particularly powerful sculpture. does this show that the NEO-blairight NEO-orthodoxy is leading to an UPSURGE in NEO-rightist fascististic TENDENCIES ? or is that putting it too mildly perhaps?

solidarity/SOLIDARNOSC in peace XXXX

OS-gwelwch-UN-BIN-TERRA-east { (E/W) / (W/E) }

You're quick to catch on

12.09.2006 21:45

This article has been on Redwatch for a week now and you mugs print it here as a 'scoop'.

The Watcher

FAO THe Watcher

12.09.2006 23:14

No wonder Watmough has it up on Redwatch, Searchlight provides the only credibility he has left.


BPP forum

12.09.2006 23:49

Has anyone had a look at the new BPP forum?! What a laugh! EM is back as 'Wolf88', and it's a real one-man show on there! Morrison is promising a BIG BPP meeting in the north soon! "Big"?! Is this idiot for real or what? The BPP will struggle to fill a phone box! Who is going to go listen to this tired old drunken grass bluster on? Retirement number 67 didn't last long did it? Obviously his off-lisence bills need paying and he is looking round for some new mugs to fleece. Stay well alone.

GAry J

BPP meeting

13.09.2006 00:05

Don't forget Morrison has the drawing power of his suntanned pal Mark Cotterill!!! Only an idiot like Morrison would think that this is going to increase his credibility. Some of us haven't forgotten the farce at the last elections involving Mr Cotterill. Pack it FFS Eddie, you're a laughing stock.


Watmough's recent claims

13.09.2006 15:37

I'm sure Special Branch must peruse VNN for the nuttiest of the nutters, and Watmough's claims, whether fantasy or not, are very serious. Strange that he feels free to boast about such things; is he just thick, or does he know he's 'protected'? Antifa have run rings round Watmough's lot, they seem to know everything about them, so the OB must too, especially if the rumours about Watmough being an informer are true. Judging from what I know of him it wouldn't take much to break him, and I'm sure there are plenty of fascists who Watmough considers 'opposition' and who he'd throw in to save his own scabby skin. The Law definitely seems a lot less reticent about prosecuting animal rights activists for harrassment, and the location of individual servers makes absolutely bugger all difference. Simon Sheppard is facing prosecution for running hate sites, and it's hard to imagine that Watmough wasn't questioned as part of that enquiry. Did he roll over, particularly as SS was chasing him for money at the time and things were getting nasty? Why isn't Watmough being prosecuted? There seems to be only one reason to me.

Barry Norman


13.09.2006 20:21

I don't know if Watmough is enjoying the attention he's currently getting (sad little wanker that he is), but he might care to ponder the fact that most of those slagging him off are fellow-fascists.



13.09.2006 21:24

Watmough doesnt have fellow facists, so far all he has done is rape, beat women up, ex girlfriend & his ex wife. Steal pawn & grass, his conquests also include giving information to searchlight and other organisations, info on said comrades, recently been dumped from "alleged" C18 leadership. ROFL, sorry haha.
C18 doesnt have a leadership Kevin !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bend over for Morrison, grovel to the Saltdean sofa soaker, whom watmough has been known to have slagged off for a long time, remember when the WNP & BPP started, Saltdean sofasoaker complained that he wanted a higher position, didnt get that in the WNP.
But continued to complain in the BPP, so they made up a job title for the Saltdean sofasoaker, just to let him feel he's important.
The the sofa soaker starts to make claims that he was one of the people who instigated the start of BPP and leave Nationalist Alliance.
I remember Saltdean sofasoaker complaining about joining the NA in the first place, unbeknown to other so called Nationalists.
Now Watmoughs time is nearing to an end. No-one wants him, hes in hiding, no-one trusts him, and anyone who had anything to do with the BPP worth bothering with have all left the BPP.
Even members are dropping like flies.
I think the only people left in the BPP is watmough, williamson & morrison.
Should be called British Alcoholics & Sofa Party.

Internet Warriors United hahaha thats all they are, internet warriors, face to face theyre scared, behind a monitor theyre as hard as toe nails.


Morrison is the real provocateur

14.09.2006 15:11

It's one of the tactics of the agent-provocateur that they accuse others of the treachery they themselves are guilty of. Eddy Morrison has never been slow to do this, despite persistent rumours of him passing information to all and sundry in return for beer money. This pathetic alcoholic is in good company with his equally weak-willed partner Watmough, neither has any form of moral compass, and deserve to be ostracized. One only need look at Morrison's pathetic BPP forum to see just how many friends he has left. Attempting to regain some form of credibility by harping on about a supposed attack on him last year by the 635/Antifa group won't wash, since the truth about this incident is well-known in nationalist circles. Despite this 'attack' supposedly taking place in broad daylight, in a public location complete with CCTV cameras, there has not been a single arrest, and the police are apparently not interested. Who would believe a single word that comes out of the mouth of the drunken alcoholic Eddy Morrison?



14.09.2006 15:48

I see Morrison is moaning again because his pals the "ZOG" police don't take him seriously when he goes crying to them about a beating he reckons he got. There may be two reasons for that I can see:

1. They don't believe he was beaten up.

2. They are aware that the person he named as responsible wasn't even in the country (as some of his brighter 'comrades' have already sussed - there were even reports and photos on the internet about it!)

Morrison is a violent Nazi who has attacked meetings in the past, but he can't even take a bump on the head without whining like a little girl. Retire Morrison, you get more and more pathetic.

Old Leeds AFA

Old Leeds AFA


14.09.2006 21:28

It says a lot about the sham british nationalist movement that scum like watmough and morrison have survived so long - they wouldn't be tolerated in ulster that's for sure.

billy boy

Parasite Watmough

14.09.2006 22:26

It hasn't taken Watmough long to start selling swastika flags etc on the BPP website has it? He is not just a parasite he is a fucking loony tune.

Rob Roy


16.09.2006 08:13

So much for the BPP's claims to be a 'respectable political party'.

Tom W

Watmough's attention

16.09.2006 10:43

Come on people you seriously should be laughing at Watmough, hes a failure with women, useless in bed and cries to his pals, when things go wrong for him. Hes a failure to C18, they have disowned him.

Watmough made claims on the Prats site that C18 had a leader, then edited his posting, as C18 was allegedly a leaderless resistance.

Watmough is a complete utter prat, I prefer "The Hunchback of Notre Dam".

I recon he could do more harm than Watmough could ever dream of. Minus hurting the jam doughnuts, or women hes become very handy in beating up !

Mr Watmough is on a short leash, us reds are watching him, the attention he is recieving is not of his interest, he will soon be the downfall for his own admissions.

Just because all his sites are hosted abroad, a new law is in process that if the owner of such sites are in the UK they can still be prosecuted, as the first amendment will not apply to them.

Work it out all attacks & threats are being posting in the UK, therefor the first amendment will not apply.

I will have fun watching Mr Watmough going down, and I demand a front row seat.



"Us reds"

16.09.2006 16:28

Go on Chantelle!! LOL!!!

Henry's Cat

Mordor or Bedford?

17.09.2006 06:34

If it wasn't for Chantelle Hall's contributions (Mordor near Bedford) then this would all be a bit thin. Apart from the fact you have a failed fascist posting on a an anti-fa site - a fact well known to the fascists - how do these posts in any way further the cause of woking class solidarity? I come on here now and again to read about the Worker's struggle not this internecine fascist fighting.

On a lighter note I am told this Hall person looks like she has been manufactured by Sauron or is it the other wizard who creates Orcs out of mud?

Lurker at the threshold

Lurker at the threshold

17.09.2006 18:20

I take it you're Kevin Watmough then. Funny how you seem to appear when the truth is written about you.

I understand that the truth hurt's you and that you're "HEAD TROLL" of the facists, so what's with all the name dropping

You insinuating that you're "TROLLS" are no longer under control in your ranks ????

Red & White

What a fucking coward

22.09.2006 02:01

Have you seen the latest Leeds stuff on Redwatch? What a fucking coward Kevin Watmough is! The wanker is frightened to come out of his house, and he's trying to incite others to get nicked (and probably battered.) Why don't you evr have a go yourself Watmough? You shit it everytime you even see a 'Red'. Personally I'd rather punch you cunts than take your photos.


watmough is a toilet

22.09.2006 18:40

It says a lot about the UK Nazi scene that a scumbag like Watmough is one of the main players. It's hard to think of another movement where this a woman-beating, cowardly, little maggot would be given a beating and told to fuck off for good.



26.09.2006 22:42

Does anyone ever wonder why Redwatch only contains pics of a few students, teachers, hippies, etc rather than any militant antifascists? It's not as if photos aren't available. Are Watmough & co double-agents or are they State? There's certainly a lot of fishy stuff around Watmough, and he's a long-time associate of two well-known informers - Eddy Morrison and Tony White. Tony White is dodgy as fuck. I think redwatch might be a security services op.



20.10.2006 18:47

The pictures on Redwatch are so old. I dont think Mr Watmough has time to add new ones, mind you him being a coward. He daren't go out an dtake pictures of us. He knows he will get his puffy face mullered.

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