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Kirklees BNP Humiliated-Again!!

Kirklees Unity | 08.05.2007 07:58 | Anti-racism | Migration | Social Struggles | Sheffield

David Exley BNP councillor for Heckmondwike and North Kirklees organiser recently predicted in the media that the BNP would win 7 seats in this years council elections.

This came as no real surprise as Dippy Dave always predicts a 7 seat haul and as in previous times Dippy Dave was very wide of the mark.

Kirklees BNP Humiliated-Again!!

David Exley BNP councillor for Heckmondwike and North Kirklees organiser recently predicted in the media that the BNP would win 7 seats in this years council elections.

This came as no real surprise as Dippy Dave always predicts a 7 seat haul and as in previous times Dippy Dave was very wide of the mark.

The BNPs favourite rag "The Dewsbury Press" confidently predicted that the BNP might hold the balance of power after May 3rd.

But when has anyone ever believed "The Dewsbury Press" ?

However the reality was very different.

It became clear on the night of May 3rd that nationally the BNP vote had collapsed.

Sandwell in the Black Country was one of the first set of results to come through.

The BNP had high hopes here as they already have 4 councillors here.

In the Great Bridge ward alone,disgraced former teacher Simon Smith took the ward in 2006 with 45% of the vote

In 2007 the BNP vote collapsed and the Great Bridge candidate came second with just 30% of the vote.A full 15% decrease.

One by one the results came in,clearly showing the BNP vote dramatically down.

The idiots over on Stormfront told the worried fascists not to worry,the BNPs best areas were all being counted on Friday.

They included Kirklees in this.

Kirklees had two counts,North Kirklees in Dewsbury,South Kirklees in Huddersfield.

At the count in Dewsbury the normal badly dressed fascists of the BNP were in attendance.
(Why do Fascists wear those bloody awful Union Jack Ties? )

Nick Cass however was looking decidedly worried.He must have known that the BNP nationally were in trouble.

People passed comment on David Exleys somewhat scruffy appearance.Was this due to the absence of Gillian Exley?

She normally attends the count with the other idiots,was she not welcome this time?

Maybe Roger Roberts knows the answer.

Also notable from her absence was Suzy Cass,the over skinny wife of Ginger Fuhrer Nick Cass.

Perhaps she couldn't face the humiliation.

A new face amongst the Fascists was Andrew Cookson the BNP candidate for Mirfield.

Cookson had telephoned the Kirklees Unity phone number on a number of occasions making various threats.

Funny,none of his threats actually came to any fruition.

Scrotum was also in attendance with plenty to say as always.

Garden Gnome Colin Auty paraded around calling people tossers as he passed,making sure he was a safe distance away first.

Alan Girvan was there with his "estranged" girlfriend Sharon Brogden.

I wonder if Nick Cass is aware of her "sexual preferences" ? (Pics to follow soon)

Maybe Martyn Reynolds knows her?

Girvan himself was as quiet as ever,leaving a trail behind him.

Pissed up postman Frank Atack was there with pathetic Union Jack tie.When will these people learn.

It quickly became apparent that the collapse of the BNP vote had been carried on into Kirklees.

The BNP vote was massively down on last year.

Dewsbury East looked the likeliest for a success for the BNP,with Heckmondwike looking a very close thing.

However,the faces of the Fascists soon dropped when they realised they hadn't won a bean.

Andrew Cookson had boasted on the phone that the BNP would celebrate an increased majority in Heckmondwike.

However Steve Cass looked bitterly disappointed in his borrowed white suit when the result was called.
The Labour Party turned round a BNP majority of 726 to a Labour majority of 644.

The BNP had been hammered in Heckmondwike due to hard work and the anti-BNP vote.

In Cleckheaton in 2006,the Lib Dems had a majority of just 140 over the BNP.
In 2007 the majority rose to 1087. A massive increase and a massive rejection of the Fascists in Cleckheaton.

And in Dewsbury East where Nick Cass looked like he might just win,Labour won with a slender majority of 84.

The BNP were defeated and deflated.This was the beginning of the end of the BNP in Kirklees and they knew it.

They couldn't even win a seat on Mirfield town council.

The tale was the same from Huddersfield,the BNP had been thwarted at every turn.

Even in Golcar the BNP fell back to an increased majority of the ruling Lib Dems.

The BNP had been crushed North and South.

Andrew Cookson,being the tough guy,ran his finger across his throat as the people left Dewsbury Sports Centre.

The Conservatives polled almost twice as many votes as he and the BNP received in Mirfield.

Cookson should be used to being a loser.

Kirklees Unity
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bnp results...don't agree

08.05.2007 15:03

The bnp may not have made the breakthrough they and possibly us lot predicted but to say they were utterly defeated at every turn is quite frankly not true...overall votes for the bnp across the country were consistently it considered a victory for anti fascists when they come a close second behind one of the major parties ? the bnp spread themselves too thin in general and it looks like a tactical error on there parts standing so many candidates where they didnt have the activists to do the groundwork, I feel one of the major reasons for so few seats gained was the distinct lack of media coverage they recieved compared to the obscene amount of reporting they recieved last year....looks like either the NUJ took a long hard look at themselves or the media were lent on by Blairs heavies.....Has any other fringe party ,Greens for example, ever had the media coverage the bnp had last year ?...As far as these elections go ,Great they never made the gains they expected but in many areas the bnp are full immersed in community politics and to discount them as a spent force is dangerous....regards C.O.G

concerned of gipton

BNP wives

08.05.2007 16:34

you wont have seen Ginger plonker Nick Cass's wife at the election count because apparantly they are going through a divorce at the moment.

She is probably getting fed up with fuhrer Nick and his fascist views.


COG is right

08.05.2007 18:20

COG is right. No time for slouching though. To say that the BNP is finished in Kirklees is nonsense.

Took this off BNP website. They didnt win but compared to 3 yrs ago they did well. We shunt take them lightly.


Yorkshire correspondent reports.

Unknown to most people, because the media have ignored the fact for reasons we can all guess at, the Party polled a thousand plus votes in no fewer than 27 wards that we know of!

The catalogue of results looks rather like a General Election results listing – the difference being that all the results come from individual wards and not whole constituencies!

Here’s the list so far compiled by our correspondent – he warns that he researched the listings in a hurry and apologises for any “grand ward” results not listed.

Kirklees – Dewsbury East – 2088
Leeds – Morley South – 1928
Leeds – Middleton Park – 1817
Kirklees – Heckmondwike – 1741
Bradford – Queensbury – 1718
Leeds – Temple Newsham - 1642
Kirklees – Dewsbury South – 1613
Leeds – Ardsley - 1538
Kirklees – Mirfield – 1511
Krklees – Cleckheaton – 1474
Kirklees – Liversedge - 1436
Stoke - Longton North – 1418
Leeds – Morley North – 1328
Bradford – Royds – 1291
Birmingham – Shard End – 1263
Birmingham – Northfields – 1220
Kirklees – Golcar – 1170
Rotherham – Brinsworth – 1149
Bradford – Wibsey – 1128
Bradford – Wyke – 1103
Dudley – Coseley East - 1090
Stoke – Weston – 1041
Bradford – Eccleshill - 1032
Sandwell – Tipton Green – 1024
Stoke – Longton South – 1016
Sheffield – Shire Green – 1013
Bradford – Thornton – 1011


More evidence that we shunt take them lightly

08.05.2007 18:21

The BNP's failure to gain seats in last week's elections masks
worrying levels of support, according to Labour MP Jon Cruddas.

Speaking at a rally in support of better rights for immigrants and
asylum seekers in Trafalgar Square at the weekend, Cruddas said that
the BNP achieved very significant levels of support in some parts of
the country, polling in excess of 27% of the votes cast in the wards
they contested in Stoke-on-Trent and close to a quarter of the votes
in Rotherham, Burnley, Sandwell and Thurrock.

An extra 2,500 votes in North Wales would have seen the BNP gain a
seat in the Welsh Assembly.

According to figures from the anti-fascist organisation 'Searchlight',
the BNP polled an average 14% to 15% of the result nationally after
fielding 743 candidates in district and borough council wards and over
130 candidates in Welsh, Scottish and parish council elections.

The MP for Dagenham said the results are especially worrying given
evidence that the BNP did not actively campaign in many areas.

He says there are underlying issues that are driving people to the BNP
which must be addressed as a matter of urgency.

He blames the retreat of the Labour Party in heartland areas and the
mainstream parties preoccupation with middle England as contributing
factors to the BNP's renewed confidence.

Jon Cruddas, Labour Deputy Leadership candidate and Dagenham MP, said:
"The BNP stood more candidates in last week's elections than they had
members just a few years ago and despite the fact they actively
campaigned in only a handful of wards, they have polled consistently
around 15% of the vote.

"We have to accept that something palpable is happening here. The BNP
is tapping into people's latent fears and disillusionment with the
mainstream parties.

"The fact that the BNP achieved these levels of support despite the
fact that the vast majority were paper candidates who did not put out
a single leaflet or knock on a single door is particularly worrying.

"Anti BNP campaigners ran really successful community based campaigns
in places like Sandwell which stopped the party's advances but it was
has been a victory or organisation rather than one built on political

"We have to provide political solutions to people's everyday concerns
on job security, affordable housing, pay, education and health

The committed anti-BNP campaigner believes the BNP's strategy in
fielding so many candidates is to build name recognition and reduce
the fear factor around the BNP in the build up to next year's London
elections and the European elections the following year.

"There must be no complacency. While the BNP failed to win seats this
year they are on course to win seats on the Greater London Assembly
and several MEPs. If they achieve this then they have broken into the
mainstream," he warned.


Who said anything about complacency?

08.05.2007 20:35

I never said the BNP were finished.

Not just yet anyway.

I said it was the beginning of the end of the BNP in Kirklees,

We are a year or two behind where areas like Calderdale are now.

It wasn't just bad planning by the BNP

In areas where they worked pretty hard they still got well and truly beaten.

In particular Heckmondwike,where there are already 2 BNP councillors

Kirklees Unity
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- Homepage:


08.05.2007 20:43

Nice photo of me and yes i did lose - but so what. I have lost many times before and no doubt will lose again. Winners dont give up and i never give up, that is why i will eventually be a winner! looking at our lives Carl, I think if you took what i had achieved in my life and them look at what you have achieved in yours, it is easy to see who is the real loser.

You mentioned my wife in your posts. Jelous are we? She is very fit as is a personal trainer.Did looking at your wife make you envious of a women who looks after herself? How ironic that she is the daughter of David Sheard, the new Labour Cllr for Heckmondwike, but not really a surprise.

Nice to see you had your Labour thugs at the count elbowing as they went past, although i didnt get the same response when there were no police about the day before. They would be welcome to my gym in Ossett any day of the week if they fancy a roll some time, you have my number. Dont worry i wont phone the police like you do. Andy Cookson sends his regards and asks how was your trip? Me and Suzy said that if you lost a bit of weight maybe your balance would be better. Maybe my wife Suzy could put you and your troll wife through your paces?

Good to see Teggs had smartened himself up - a little. But when will your glorious MP bud Shahid get a women? I personally think there is more chance of you and your troll getting a six pack - and so does his dad. Lol. Good to see your Father in law acted like a total prick by gate crashing our social friday night. We have some great photos of him pissed out of his head and are looking forward to showing them to the electorate. You never know we may go crying to the standards board like George Michael.

Last thing, I enjoy your blog so much we have decided to set our own up. And you Mr Morphett are to be featured on it along with all your cronies. Our webmaster is going to be the scrotum - the soft lad who you keep intimidating.

Anyway got to go to bed, some of us have a job.

Kind regards.


Nick Cass

Family of Failures

08.05.2007 22:40

Oh dear Nick o l'arse

You really are a ginger idiot.

You really shouldn't believe the crap you and your cronies send into Redwatch.

As it happens,just for the record David Sheard is not my father in law.

And that isn't my wife on Redwatch either you daft Nazi plank.

My real father in law is in fact an ex miner from South Yorkshire.

My actual wife has never been involved in the campaign against you,oh and she has never worked in Burger King either.

So much for BNP intelligence (Oxymoron )

As for Sheardy being drunk-so what,he was celebrating easily beating your daft old sod of a father!!

Nice of you to acknowledge that you are a loser.

You come from a long line of losers.

Just about everyone in your family has stood as a candidate in Kirklees and everyone of them has been beaten.Most of them several times.

Ian Wilson-Loser
Gillian Cass/Leake-Loser
Suzy Bastow/Cass-Loser
Steve Cass-Loser
Nick Cass-Loser

Only your mum had any sense,she disowned your politics years ago and is happily living in Huddersfield.

When is Rebecca going to stand?

As for being jealous of your daft wife,don't make me laugh.
Silly skinny nazis with big gobs have never been my thing.

Glad you like the blog,it goes from strength to strength.Keep that counter ticking over!!

As for intimidation,didn't you get slated in the local press for that silly stunt outside my house at 5am?

Doesn't really compare does it?

Hope you have cheered up after you "Black Friday"

My you all looked mighty glum! Again.

Never mind,always next year.

Kirklees Unity

Kirklees Unity
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08.05.2007 23:53

Product of a broken home, poor lad.

- Homepage:

Carl Morphett

09.05.2007 07:48

Not bothered about bad press anymore Morphett.

You have done nothing but lie about our people over the last six years, bring my wife and family into it by slagging them off, threaten my family with your daft phone calls and try your best to intimidate our supporters.

The BNP won these elections bescause more indigenous people voted for us than any other party in Dewsbury and Heckmondwike. You need the votes of ethnic minorities to win, which is why you and the rest are in their pockets.

We can hold our heads up high because our people support us, we dont need to pander to anyone.

Nick Cass

Who is the liar?

09.05.2007 10:33

Nick Cass said:

Not bothered about bad press anymore

Nope,nobody cares what the Dewsbury Press says anyway.

Nick Cass said:

bring my wife and family into it by slagging them off

Only slagged of those family losers who have stood as candidates for the BNP.

Nick Cass said:

threaten my family with your daft phone calls

I have never spoken to anyone in the Cass family apart from you Nick O' Larse,I have certainly never rang them.

Nick Cass said:

The BNP won these elections

Erm Don't think you did.One man one vote and all that.

Nick Cass said:

We can hold our heads up high because our people support us, we dont need to pander to anyone.

Obvious they don't support you enough.

Now go away and lick your many wounds.

Kirklees Unity
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Why did Nick's mum run off?

09.05.2007 12:42

Rearrange the following:

His dad was an abusive, racist drunk


I have it on video.

09.05.2007 13:11

Just before Reynolds empties out onto the carpet you can clearly see Nick and his wife at thye sherry cabinet.

Paul Cromie

Nicks Mummy

09.05.2007 13:15

From what I have been told by a number of people,his mum is meant to be quite a nice lady.

She apparently despairs at her sons politics and wants nothing to do with the BNP.

It appears it all stems from his fathers side.

Son,Father,Wife,Aunt,Grandfather,Great Uncle,Great Grandfather.

All Fascists

Kirklees Unity
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Why dont you stand for election

09.05.2007 13:53

If you hold the moral high ground Morphett why dont you stand as a candidate and put forward your views to the electorate?

If you dont insult my family, why do you bring my family into this. My sister is not involved in politics, my mother isnt so why mention them. You dislike my dad because he is an old Labour man like the rest of my family who now see through the bull and realise Labour is now the party of grovelling champagne socialists pandering for the minority vote. Anyone with a bit of pride who isnt involved on their gravy train ditched Labour years ago. What you hoping for Morphett promotion like your buddy Teggs and be put on Malik's wage list.

You know nothing about my family or our members families. Why insult them and try and bring trouble to them because they dont hold the same opinion as you? Is this not the fascist behaviour you accuse the BNP of. Why claim that family man Andy Cookson has been in prison for credit card fraud, and all the other nonsense on your silly site has on about our local members and their personal lives? Why send all our nominators threatening letters, including one to my 80 yr old grand parents, single mums, and the disabled?

Stand for election Carl. Put your money where your mouth is, rather than hiding behind a blog and computer. Stand up and be counted.

Have you ever heard of karma?

Nick Cass

Cass, you are a little thick aren't you?

09.05.2007 14:03

His views were put to the eletorate.

They listened and you lost.

Why did your father not tell the elctorate what his views really were for instance?

- Homepage:

So Who's views were they

09.05.2007 15:03

Morphett didnt stand for election. And according to his earlier posts on his blog his little group isnt affilated to any political party, so who is a little thick? Me or you?

Nick Cass

You are you muppet

09.05.2007 15:35

He made is opinons known to the elcetorate, and judging by your result, they agreed with him.

If you didn't stand, people would know thet you were a mad Nutzi, would they not?

Carl obviously campaigned against you, and judging by your vote, the electorate agreed. End of.

Tell me Cass, why didn't your lush of an old man make sure that everyone knew he was a vicious racist?


FAO Nicholas

09.05.2007 15:49

Hi Nicholas , I didn't actually agree with kiklees unity's anaysis of the election but I do agree that you are a ridiculous sore loser and a lanky ginger tosser to your inability to accept defeat gracefully the reason you gave up sport ?..piss off back to stormponce you inbred loser..Regards C.O.G

concerned of gipton

Moral High Ground

09.05.2007 16:11

The problem with you Nicky boy is that you are a hypocrite.

A hypocrite who has the memory of a goldfish.

You moan because I slag your BNP loving family.

I couldn't have been nicer about your poor long suffering mother.I said she is meant to be a nice lady.

As for your sister I just mentioned her name,I didn't slag her.

However you had no problem slagging my wife even though she has never delivered a single leaflet against you.

You moan that that someone "shoved" you at the count,yet find it funny when that boz eyed little twat Andy Cookson attempted to trip me up at the count.

You moan when we contacted known BNP members with a letter that the police and a barrister cleared.

Yet you get your cronies to take credit cards and loans out in my name (Highly Illegal)

You moan about intimidation,yet it was my family who had 12 BNP members on their doorstep at 5am on morning.
I also had Brandon Pygott on my doorstep making daft threats a few days later.

You complain about my blog,yet you had no problems in supplying Redwatch with mine and other peoples details.You are so stupid even the Press got you on that one.

I don't hate your dad because he is ex Labour,I hate him because he is a stinking fascist rather like yourself.Your father believes eliminating urban blacks and nuking Pakistan will solve a number of the worlds problems.
You shouldn't let him use the internet as he is an embarrassment to you and your stupid party.

I have no desire to be a councillor,I am quite content to campaign against racist idiots rather like yourself.

Kirklees Unity
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Cass, Why Didn't Your Mummy Love You?

09.05.2007 16:43

Did that loss come before or after you did nothing to stop your old man belting the shite out of her?

To come on here talking abou peoples' lives as if you gave a toss is a disgrace.

Your own mother disowned you.

God help your wife when it's her turn to feel the force of the Cass "family values."

Plant Pot

Highly amusing

09.05.2007 17:48

You hate us because of our views how pathetic. This is why we are getting so much new blood. People who have been in contact with you and realised you are the real fascists. I dont hate you carl i pitty you. I also pitty the sad drips on here who have to resort to nonsense about my father and his so called post on forums he doesnt bother with. Is this how low you have to go to try and convince the public. Not much of an argument.

You may have had your letter cleared by a barrister but does that mean it is acceptable to send them? Dont you think OAP's may have been a little scared? Our little demo outside your home was because of this kind of behaviour of yours. It was retaliation. I have never had any problem with people having a different opinion, and i dont hate people because they have a different opinion like you do. But i have a problem with people intimidating my grand parents and other oaps who fought to ensure democracy only to have a little fat bully like you writing to them because they dont like their opinions.

I tell you what Carl. Lets quit this talking over the internet its quite pointless. Why not give me a ring and we can talk in person. Maybe we could meet down at the west riding for a drink, i have no problem coming down to meet you in person. As you know i drink there quite regular. bring some of your voters along from savile town, i here your friends are in the news again today. So much for race relations ehh. My number is 07973 771002. Give me a ring if you want a real discussion. maybe after a chat you will find we actually have lots in common. One thing is for sure it wasnt the BNP which beat the living daylights out of striking miners that was the Tories. So why not vent some of your misguided anger out on them.

Kind regards


PS to all the other people on here who slag me off. One thing is for sure at least Morphett has the guts to reveal his identity, which is alot more than can be said for you gutless cowards.

Nick Cass

dear Nicholarse

09.05.2007 19:04

for the love of god can you stop your pathetic whingeing...your worse than a bloody poodle...I always thought you had a little bit of dignity but it seems you can't take it on the chin...OFFERING people out for a straightener reveals your true self , see you on stormponce Nicky boy

concerned of gipton

Nick Cass

09.05.2007 21:21

Nick, far be it from me to doubt your families honour or ability to politically engage with the real world. But lets face it. You lost. Nationally the BNP has gone from totally irrelevant to completely marginal over the past few years, and only a sad bunch of inadequate losers such as yourself wants to organise within the BNP. That is the only way pathetic nobodies with social problems can ever hope to get noticed you see. You have been found out.

And taking time out by BNP party members off to lick wounds and go on the Asian Garry Glitter trail is all too common after previous election defeats. Those pictures of the BNP security chief in a sexually ambitious pose were some of the worst publicity that could ever surface for the unrespectable thugs of the BNP... Ha Ha Ha

Ned Ludd
- Homepage:

You bitter old man Carl

10.05.2007 10:34

You know Carl if you grow up got a wash and bought some nice clothes I know it will be hard to find some clothes that fit may I suggest you got to an army surplus store and get a good two man tent that should just about fit, clean your teeth it’s not nice to talk to somebody when they’ve been licking a dogs arse sorry maybe I shouldn’t talk about your wife is such a way but by hell she is ugly and if I said she had a weight problem I be telling pokies, Jesus she must be 30 stone and well I suppose when you’ve been looking at something like that Nick Cass’s wife may look skinny but in reality it’s your wife that’s the size of a cow so Carl try better yourself go out and treat yourself buy some soap ( it’s ready available in all supermarkets) and clean clothes get a circus mirror you know the one’s that makes you look thin and then to may feel better about yourself and not so bitter . You know Carl if I had your life and future I’d be bitter and horrid just like you, good job I’ve not though Carl hey

carl muppet the scruff
- Homepage: http://www.carl-muppet-the-scruffy-****

Kirklees BNP,Laughing Stock

10.05.2007 11:44

Whatever makes you feel better about yourself,go for it.

I realize that the BNP and in particular Nick Cass and co have been scratching their heads wondering what went wrong.

Wasn't it seven seats Dippy David predicted

I can understand that you have had a bad week.What with you not actually winning any seats in Kirklees

It must be difficult knowing that the BNP are skint and on the point of financial meltdown.

I understand that some within Kirklees BNP are having "personal" problems at the moment.

I feel for David,it must be terrible finding that out about his wife.

With a fellow member as well !

I appreciate some of you are a little lonely.As Alan Girvan told me on the phone yesterday,nobody was interested in his multiple adverts he had placed on lonely hearts sites.

Is that why Alan still lives with his mum? At his age?

Probably same for "Prince Albert" Stuart Exley.God that must have hurt.A prick with a pierced prick.

Fashion has never really interested me,must be the same for Scrotum and Frankie Atack.

At least I haven't got crap home made tattoos.

I find it funny how many in Kirklees BNP are midgets.Apart from Copper Top himself,nearly all of you are about 5ft. I am only 5' 7 but you make me feel like a giant.

Even Boz-eyed Andy Cookson is a dwarf.

Blimey you lot looked so gutted on Friday,I actually felt a bit sorry for you.

All that work for no return,

How many candidates did you put up nationally?

Nearly 800?

You must have loads of new councillors.


Oh Dear

Maybe next year.

Kirklees Unity
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Dippy Dave Tells The Truth

10.05.2007 13:20

BNP leader David Exley said he was very disappointed and added:

"We need to go back and analyse the results but they don’t look very good."

" And I don’t really know why"

" Now we have to put our noses to the grindstone and work out where we went wrong."

Well Done Dippy

You see it is not that hard,you can speak the truth sometimes !

Kirklees Unity
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neds mrs

10.05.2007 15:53

ned u not like the pix of head of security shagging two adult females,may be two 11 year old boys would more befitting for the left wing

id love to shag neds wife

we hate carl muppet

10.05.2007 16:13

Carl is it true your fat wife voted bnp because she despises you so much and if you’re talking about adultery you really should look closer to home is it true she got her tits out in the bell for a 5p bet while you was in the west riding pub with your dippy mates ha ha ha ha.
What’s it like to be a traitor can you sleep at night? well I suppose it must be hard to sleep with your wife getting screwed in the next room or are you one of those that like to listen and also is it true what your wife said you have only 1 inch dick and you can only last 10 seconds with a wife like that who needs enemies you really are one sad moron with an ugly slapper for a wife hey Carl god I’m glad I’m not you a sad commie who’s wife likes to spread for Tom, Dick and ali, Carl you scruffy Muppet is it true that your 5’6 tall and 5’7’’ wide oh boy did I laugh at you in your Sunday best at the count you scruffy Muppet, I heard you had a lovely trip also ha ha ha

we hate carl muppet
mail e-mail:
- Homepage: http://www.carl-muppet-the-scruffy t**

Humour is not lost on the fash....?

10.05.2007 17:28

Or should it be irony?

The pics are out of one their members' wives copping it in every hole possible from a couple of scruffy lefties, so they come on here and tell shite about Carl's wife!

Love it.

p.s. Why did Cass's Mother run away again?

- Homepage:

Did the BNP say they are mainstream?

10.05.2007 17:37

Deary me.

All these anonymous comments,bit like the BNP face to face.

Just like that twat Scrotum.

Colin Auty was the same at the count,he would call you a tosser under his breath when he had gotton about 10 yards passed.

Best not talk too much about Cookson,as the police are investigating him.

As for looking scruffy,two Nazi Cass's in white suits does not make you fashionable.

Especially when you all have a penchant for Union Jack ties you daft sods.

Its amazing what the BNP want to talk about when they have just been battered in an election.

I wonder if there will be any good photos in the local papers of you and your merry shower of shit looking glum because you all won jack shit?

Never mind,I will see you all at the count again next year

Once again you will all be scratching the dandruff from your bonces wondering what exactly went wrong again.

Problem with you lot is you believe Cass is a good leader.

He makes some monumentally stupid decisions.

Nicky boy is running out of wards to try his luck in.

Where next Nick o'Larse?

How about Liversedge,seeing as that toilet Girvan did such a bad job?

Now remind me out of approx 800 candidates how many councillors are you up on last year?

I will give you a clue,Its Pygotts I.Q.

LOL See you next year

Kirklees Unity
mail e-mail: kirkleesunity
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Carl the muppet

10.05.2007 19:12

Keep it up Carl you are SO funny to be able to make people laugh from birth is one hell of a skill ok the midwife and doc’s laughed at you not with you but hey who’s complaining is it true your family disowned you. The best part you run down the crack of your mother’s arse talking about your mothers how is the old slapper still getting knobbed by half of Sheffield? No just the old miners probably she’s rather shagged now how’s your dad still bisexual have you introduced him to George yet

we hate carl muppet
- Homepage: http://www.carl-muppet-thescruffy-t**

Carl the muppet

10.05.2007 19:12

Keep it up Carl you are SO funny to be able to make people laugh from birth is one hell of a skill ok the midwife and doc’s laughed at you not with you but hey who’s complaining is it true your family disowned you. The best part you run down the crack of your mother’s arse talking about your mothers how is the old slapper still getting knobbed by half of Sheffield? No just the old miners probably she’s rather shagged now how’s your dad still bisexual have you introduced him to George yet

we hate carl muppet
- Homepage: http://www.carl-muppet-thescruffy-t**

carl the muppet

10.05.2007 19:15

Keep it up Carl you are SO funny to be able to make people laugh from birth is one hell of a skill ok the midwife and doc’s laughed at you not with you but hey who’s complaining is it true your family disowned you. The best part you run down the crack of your mother’s arse talking about your mothers how is the old slapper still getting knobbed by half of Sheffield? No just the old miners probably she’s rather shagged now how’s your dad still bisexual have you introduced him to George yet

we hate carl muppet
- Homepage: http://www.carl-muppet-the-scruffy-t**

Repetition is Boring!!

10.05.2007 19:42


Try not to repeat yourself.

You was boring the first time you Boz Eyed Dwarf.No need to post 3 times.

Although Keith did say you was illiterate.

They always said masturbation stunts the growth,well look at Kirklees BNP Vanguard.

All short arse wankers.

Still waiting for your solicitors letter

Now go and tend to your Rhubarb you silly little spunk bubble

PS I mentioned your behaviour at the count to the PC who is dealing with my case.

Problem for you was it was witnessed by a magistrate!!

Oh Bugger

Kirklees Unity
mail e-mail: kirkleesunity
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carl you dropped a point

10.05.2007 20:40

Carl you dropped a point and you was doing ever so well but who done it was never your strong point was it, you’ve 2 guesses left use them wisely
You’ve got some nerve calling the bnp lads you are the most grotesque hideous moron this planet has ever seen no wonder there’s no mirrors in your house you don’t like to be reminded do you.
I wish it was me on Friday that had got to you I know it wasn’t Andy he’s got enough witnesses to back him up that it was in fact you that tried kick him but you came worse off and it should be you that’s worried about the police coming to your door harassment threatening behaviour. How’s the eBay doing that’s right you had to stop benefit fraud wasn’t it

is carl so stupid
- Homepage:

Threatening Behaviour

10.05.2007 21:56

It doesn't really matter if it is Cookson or not,you are all the same.Dwarfs,fascists and vermin.

All worthless blips on societys arsehole.

Irrelevant and of no importance.

A passing fad on the political scene.

As regarding "House Husband" Cookson,I am not talking of the attempted trip.

He was witnessed by a sitting magistrate running his finger across his throat as we were all leaving.

Deemed as threatening behaviour she told me.

We informed police on the day and also the officer who is dealing with Cooksons threats over the telephone.

If David Sheard saw it as well,it would be TWO sitting magistrates who witnessed it.

I will have to ask him.

Thanks for the reminder for Ebay,I have been too busy with derailing the BNP in Kirklees.

Just haven't had a moment to do it.

Anyway I have put some on now so thanks!!

As for benefit fraud,don't make me laugh,I will leave that to the now EX COUNCILLOR in Calderdale
Richard Mulhall.

Unlike you I work for a living.And have done all my working life.

Now run along and prepare for next years elections.

Kirklees Unity
mail e-mail: kirkleesunity
- Homepage:

are we Irrelevant and of no importance

11.05.2007 00:49

Anyway Mr. Muppet since we are Irrelevant and of no importance. A passing fad on the political scene why do you spend every waking hour righting your horrid little blogs about us
He was witnessed by a sitting magistrate running his finger across his throat as we were all leaving.

Deemed as threatening behavior she told me. But any solicitor could totally rip that apart that’s if he did it and to be honest he’s not like that and is it true that you’ve been threatening to petrol bomb his house the police don’t like people like that, on another note didn’t four of your friends get arrested this week well let’s hope your next.
isn’t it sad that the only people that talk to you are the bnp maybe if they didn’t you’d slip back into insignificance the same place you came from and you’d hate that as well, your hate list must be very long for a start all the hundreds of thousands of bnp voters then we have everything British but you do love something’s anything Islamic, George Michael and anything not British and your left wing chums but that’s a different kind of love you have for them wink wink
Anyway Carl I’d like to say it was a pleasure to have some correspondence from you but it wasn’t you honestly look like a paedophile and sound like one too and you probably are one
why do you keep mentioning Andy Cookson do you have some kind of crush on him because your chums will be getting jealous all except for fister the way he spells it’d take him/her at least a month to understand it, what the hell is elcetorate and a mad Nutzi
And please explain this ( If you didn't stand, people would know thet you were a mad Nutzi, would they not?) should it not be wouldn’t know, no I get it now, now that he stood people don’t know he’s a mad nutzi Carl where do you get them from kinder garden
Nick you’re a very bad nutzi Lol
Sorry it’s hard to type when your rolling about with laughter anyway not calling you fister I think its fester really it’s that you just couldn’t spell it but all can smell it when you’re around
Adios amigo

what is kirklees unity

useless cunt

11.05.2007 08:19

How the little fat unhealthy midget Carl morphett has the cheek to criticise anyones appearance when he looks like he does beggars belief. He is short, skinhead, fat, waddles about with a silly earing in his nose, scruffy and everything a parent wouldnt want their child to be. He reckons he has a job but he was sacked from Royal mail and works now as Maliks personal arse licker with Terry Mckay, whilst fiddling the dole.

Everyone will be able to see the real Carl Morphett on a new blog dedicated to him. There wont be any bollocks on it like the silly Unity site. This will all be fresh material with close ups of Carl, video footage with carl, interviews with him and his wife. Interviews with local people who he has sent threatening letters to, interviews with their angry grand children and spouses, interviews with local rugby players at Dewsbury Celtic who carl made the mistake of trying to intimidate. Photos of his activities with local labour councillors, including the repulsive Eric firth whos son was jailed for two years for beating and mugging a 80yr old lady.

Carl thinks hes a hard man for setting his silly blog up. Reality - he shit himself and locked himself in his house crying when he got a visit from an old man who didnt take too kindly to his silly letters. Carl thinks he can bring trouble to others who are going about their legal democratc business without retaliation.

Carl was wrong! Watch this space muppet you fat repulsive creature - we will soon see you sectioned again in St Lukes with Peter Ward your Labour man from Liversedge.

Carl Morphett

Who needs words?

11.05.2007 09:15

I was going to post a witty reply.

But I don't need to.

How did that song used to go?

"If a picture tells a thousand words"

Kirklees Unity
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picture tells the story

11.05.2007 09:52


That picture says it all.

What a fucking sad loser Cass is.

By the looks of it his mob are no better.

worthless pieces of shit the lot of em

Tommy Tangle

Better looking than Morphett though lol

11.05.2007 11:05

Nick Cass does look a little fed up, although pictures i have seen from the recent count appear to be different. His hair is alot longer and he has a goetee beard.

So come on get it right guys. At least use the recent photos to back up evidence not ones from last year.

He doesnt look happy, but he is handsome. lol.

Morphettd not jealous is he


Sharia law

11.05.2007 11:53

Yes the BNP are a real nuisance. I said that their was no place for Sharia law in Britain and that those who practice it should be sent to Saudi. Problem is the stupid infidel have just found out we have a Sharia court in Dewsbury run by Cllr Munshi (Labour) Dad, along with former Cllr Imtiaz Amen (tory) and Sayeeda Warsi (Tory), in place to make laws for the Savile Town community - my voters!

Not a good situation for me the adopted Yorkshire, British, English Muslim. Happened right in the centre of suicide bomber land as well. Those pesky BNP are sure to capitalize on this. Lets just hope we can cut more deals with the other parties and continue to get the entire Asian block vote, so we can through democracy keep enforcing our vile religion

With a bit of help from our commie friends Morphett and McKay, along with MP Mike Wood we should with a bit of luck be able to take the country for our breathren, then discard of the useless traitor English who bethayed their own and replace them with ours.


Shahid Malik

Audax You Thick Twat

11.05.2007 12:04

Picture was taken from TODAYS newspaper.

Get hold of the Dewsbury Reporter you thick headed Nazi Scumbag

Kirklees Unity
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- Homepage:

A picture doesn't lie

11.05.2007 13:28

But even in black and white, he looks like a ginger twat.

Tell me, is it he who shagged Rustem's pussy?


So that's...

11.05.2007 14:02

...07973 771002, and drinks regularlyin the West Riding. Be seeing you.


My mistake

11.05.2007 16:02

Sorry, but i know it is from the Reporter but i dont beleive it was from this year. Why call me a nazi you fuckin dickhead.

If you are mistaken you are a complete arogant fuckwit. If i am wrong i apologise.


Last Year

11.05.2007 16:14

Last year Nick Cass wore a white suit with a pink shirt.

This year his dad Steve borrowed the suit.

Kirklees Unity
mail e-mail:
- Homepage:

635 Joke?

11.05.2007 16:17

Im sure Nick Cass is fucking quicking in his boots at the prospect of the terrifying 635 group paying him a visit. What have they done exactly? Ohh yes nothing except talk. Hardly inspiring action is it guys.


Bastards Nonces and Perverts[ Dewsbury Ginger ninja division ]

11.05.2007 18:39

Talk about spitting dummies out.........thought the the bnp had grown up a little but they revert to type at the drop of a ballot paper....[....Same old Fascists in ill fitting suits....]..keep it up fellas , I'm sure some of your messages will make great anti bnp propoganda for the next elections.....Go get 'em Nicholarse and regards from sunny Gipton

concerned of gipton

Spot On C.O.G.

11.05.2007 19:11

You might not have agreed with my summary of the elections and the BNPs failings in Kirklees.

But at least we are in agreement on one thing.

We both detest the BNP!!

The BNP are the same old pond life they have always been.

The same old common denominator.

Fascists in bad suits was a great analogy,they are and were.

They always revert to type the minute the media or voters aren't looking.

And Cass had the nerve to say that the electorate was too scared to vote for them.

The public have began to wise up to the BNP and what they really stand for.

They can still pull the wool over peoples eyes in places like Leicestershire where they picked up a few new councillors,but areas like Burnley,Calderdale,Bradford and Kirklees,the worm has turned.

Kirklees Unity
mail e-mail:
- Homepage:

Something else...

13.05.2007 14:36

50 comments and nobody, but nobody, has made mention of a certain BNP candidates incredible, and very profitable, gardening ability down at the lock keepers cottage in Thornhill back in the mid-nineties. Legend has it that with the cash from the harvest Mr **** went out and bought himself a shiny new motorbike - ripping off his 'business partner' to the tune of £8,000 in the process. If anyone wants more info talk to Dick 'Phallus', generally found at Wetherspoons, he'll tell the tale for the price of a pint.

Something else...
- Homepage:

Dick Phallus

13.05.2007 20:59

There is someone called Dick with connections to the BNP band Red Clare.

I believe he also drinks in Wetherspoons.

Would this be the same one?

I do know of one of the more mature candidates was quite keen on a particular form of "horticulture"
and liked to make a bit of pocket money from his "shrubs"

Kirklees Unity
mail e-mail:
- Homepage:

the mighty morph stalin

14.05.2007 00:03

shit they have have video footage too,yes we have, well carl two can play that game but our's is better a lot better youuuuuuuuu muppet

ha ha He didn’t think we do it
- Homepage:


18.01.2008 16:17



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